7 Tips for Longer Lashes ...


We all want longer, fuller lashes, right? We know what we need to do (or not do) to keep our nails and hair long and healthy, but what can we do to keep our eyelashes looking long and lush? There’s quite a lot we can do, actually… here are 7 tips for longer lashes!

1. Use a Strengthening Product

Check any of your favorite cosmetics websites (like Sephora) or even just your local drugstore (or drugstore.com) and you’ll see a range of new lash-strengthening serums. These are designed to be worn either under or instead of your mascara, and they’re designed to condition your lashes and keep them from falling out. Most are meant to be applied to your upper eyelid along your lash-line and swept across your lashes themselves.

Use a Gentle Eye Make-up Remover
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