7 Ways to Prevent the Loss of Your Eyelashes ...


7 Ways to Prevent the Loss of Your Eyelashes ...
7 Ways to Prevent the Loss of Your Eyelashes ...

This blog is dedicated to the Better Half, who has ridiculously long and gorgeous eyelashes – but also has a habit of picking at them in times of stress, which is but one way to lose your eyelashes. There are many reasons your eyelashes can begin to disappear or fall out, however, some of them natural, a lot of them heartbreaking, and a number of them preventable. Here are some ways to prevent the loss of your eyelashes if you have this problem.

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Figure out the Cause

As I mentioned, there are many causes behind the loss of eyelashes, so you have to first figure out what's doing it. It can sometimes be related to different medical conditions, such as alopecia. Certain hormonal imbalances and even hypothyroidism can cause the problem as well, so if it's something serious, you need to figure it out, see your doctor, and find out what you can do. Many times, however, this problem is related to personal habits and can be prevented.


Assess Your Allergies

If you're allergic to the makeup you use, it can actually cause your eyelashes to thin or even fall out completely. If you're using something you haven't tried before and this is just starting to happen, your makeup could be the problem. Sometimes, using hypoallergenic makeup can significantly improve the problem.


Stay Away from Waterproofing

Waterproof mascaras are great because you can't cry your way out of them. However, it is actually because of their durability that they can sometimes lead to the loss of your eyelashes. It takes forever to clean off this kind of mascara, and you can end up pulling out your eyelashes. Either try a different mascara, or find a makeup remover specifically designed to take off waterproof mascara.


Beware of Eyelash Curlers

Eyelash curlers are vile. I know they help create long and beautifully curled eyelashes, but they look scary. They are also dangerous, because I bet all of us who have used them have, at one point or another, pulled back a little too fast, and ended up yanking on our eyelashes. Doing this too much can lead to a profound loss of lashes, so if you have to use your curler, be extremely careful.


Avoid Falsies

Whether you use full false eyelashes or glue in individual strands, this could be the reason for the loss of your natural eyelashes, especially if you aren't removing your falsies properly. The glue or spirit gum you use could be yanking out your eyelashes every time you try to remove it, so it may be better to avoid the false lashes altogether in the spirit of saving your real ones.


Stop Rubbing

Rubbing your eyes, especially when you have on mascara but any other time as well, can also lead to a loss of your eyelashes. You may, again, have allergies, although they may be general. However, if your eyes are frequently red and itchy, forcing you to rub them, then you might want to get that checked out for the sake of both your health and your lashes.


Monitor Your Diet

Your diet can affect your eyelashes as well. If your calories are restricted or if you're not getting enough protein, it can cause your eyelashes to become significantly thinner. Your body has its ways of telling you what it's lacking, and it's important to pay attention to the signs.

I've gone through times when my eyelashes have thinned out, and it's usually been because of one of these reasons. Needless to say, to further prevent the loss of your eyelashes, you also shouldn't pick and pull at them! If you have this problem, do you think any of these ways to prevent the loss of your eyelashes might help you?

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