Make Friends with Your Hair and WIN


Make Friends with Your Hair and WIN
Make Friends with Your Hair and WIN

My hair is like Sibyl; it has split personalities. Some days it treats me right, while on other days it throws flyaway tantrums, shows off split ends, or simply refuses to do anything I tell it to do. Worst of all are those days when its personalities really split, so the left side rebels while the right side behaves. If your hair likes to misbehave, you could parlay that into some fantastic prizes – a VIP trip to New York City, a glam makeover from a celebrity stylist, and a commercial role! How? By taking part in Dove's “Make Friends with Your Hair” contest!

Dove is introducing a ton of great new products: the Dove Nourishing Oil Care line. The products – including shampoo, conditioner, a daily treatment conditioner, a leave-in smoothing cream, and an anti-frizz serum – get rid of any roughness, leaving your hair completely smooth and free from frizz. Dove is using a new formula in them that uses Weightless Nutri-Oils, so you know they'll your hair light and easy to style!

Now, for the contest, all you have to do is create a video highlighting a bad hair day. Show the way your hair misbehaves! You can also put together a scene that illustrates all your hair's different personalities. Just by showcasing all the unpredictable ways hair can behave, you can win! Check out these inspiration videos to get an idea of what Dove will be looking for when picking a winner.

The prizes are completely fabulous. Like say, you could star in a Dove commercial on TV! Winning includes a total VIP excursion to NYC, and your hair will undergo a glorious, gorgeous transformation, courtesy of Mark Townsend. You actually can't lose, because every participant who submits a video receives a Dove product for free!

So ladies, check out the contest, read up on the rules and regulations, and get your cameras and webcams ready. It's your chance to turn your bad hair day into a commercial gig, a trip to NYC, and a marvelous hair makeover!

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