8 Beauty Crimes We Commit without Knowing ...


Okay, so we know that sleeping with make up on isn’t fantastic for the skin, and we should probably not squeeze our spots... but what other beauty crimes are there? I’ve been reading up on what I should and shouldn’t be doing, and I was really surprised at what I do that I’m not supposed to... oops! Here are the top eight beauty crimes we commit without knowing... let’s see if we can raise awareness!

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Moisturizer Overload

Moisturizer Overload Photo Credit: bitca

Moisturizer is good for the skin, right? I lather myself in the stuff, it makes me all soft... but too much isn’t good for you. Instead of looking rosy and soft, you’ll look greasy, shiny and sweaty, and your make up won’t apply properly... oops! To use the right amount, avoid putting it over your T zone, or limit yourself to using a fingerful.


Conditioner Chaos

Conditioner Chaos Photo Credit: laurenlemon

I love having soft and shiny hair, so I always use conditioner. I’m guilty of using a bit too much though, as you are only supposed to use a small amount. Using any more leaves your hair looking lank and lifeless! Make sure you don’t apply it to your roots, and try to only use it every second shower.


Hairdresser Hell

Hairdresser Hell Photo Credit: JenniPenni

Hairdressers might know hair, but they don’t know you personal style, so don’t let them decide what to do. Have at least an idea on the type of style and length that you want, or you risk a cut that you hate, and a few months worth of hats!


Ignoring Instructions

Ignoring Instructions Photo Credit: cheesemonster

There is a reason that products such as face masks have a time limit, so don’t over run it! Leaving it on for five minutes extra won’t make you look better, but could damage your skin, or result in a rash. If you do react to a product, soothe the area with aloe vera, and avoid applying anything to it until it has healed. But you can avoid this by reading the instructions!


Pony Tail?

Pony Tail? Photo Credit: laurenlemon

Do you find yourself rocking a pony tail most days? If you do, you might want to find a hair band! Regular pony tails can cause breakage at the hairline, due to how tight the hair is pulled. If you need your hair up, try a low, loose pony instead.


Foundation Fail

Foundation Fail Photo Credit: JennKstep

The average woman spends around £150 a year on foundation which is wrong. Do your homework! If you need a new foundation, visit a make up desk, and try a few out. Then keep the money for a big treat!



Mascara Photo Credit: oskaline

If you are applying mascara in a rush, remember to still start at the bottom of the lashes. Just sweeping the tips will make them look clumpy, and make the ends heavy, which could rip them out! Tip your head back and get as close to the bottom of the lash as you can. I really need to learn this...


Sleeping with Make up

Sleeping with Make up Photo Credit: runningkate

Okay, so most of us know that this is bad for us, but did you know that rubbing it off with water doesn’t really help? 80% of skin conditions are caused by lack of cleansing, so grab a pack of cleansing make up wipes, and leave them next to your bed. Effortless, and so good for you!

I’ll be printing this out and sticking it on my wall! Who knew that fast mascara could leave you looking eyelash less? I’ve been practising these for a fortnight, though, and must say that I’m looking better than ever. So they are well worth trying! Have you got a secret make up crime we need to be warned about? Please share it with me!

Top Photo Credit: JenniPenni

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You know, I always bought the same maybelline mascara, and finally I was thinking.. "Man, I should try something more fancy." Then I bought a more expensive, fancier one and it was AWFUL. So clumpy and gross. Maybe I should just stick to what I know.

I'm totally guilty of 8. I don't wear makeup often but when I do, I'm often too lazy and tired to wash it off. Bad Sheila! :p

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