8 Beauty Crimes We Commit without Knowing ...

Okay, so we know that sleeping with make up on isn’t fantastic for the skin, and we should probably not squeeze our spots... but what other beauty crimes are there? I’ve been reading up on what I should and shouldn’t be doing, and I was really surprised at what I do that I’m not supposed to... oops! Here are the top eight beauty crimes we commit without knowing... let’s see if we can raise awareness!

1. Moisturizer Overload

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Moisturizer is good for the skin, right? I lather myself in the stuff, it makes me all soft... but too much isn’t good for you. Instead of looking rosy and soft, you’ll look greasy, shiny and sweaty, and your make up won’t apply properly... oops! To use the right amount, avoid putting it over your T zone, or limit yourself to using a fingerful.

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