How to Apply Mineral Makeup - Your Ultimate Guide


Mineral makeup is all the rage these days. Because women want to start doing away with the synthetic materials and harsh, animal-based ingredients usually found in makeup, mineral makeup has become more and more in demand. However, the question remains — exactly how do you apply mineral makeup?

Is it the same with applying regular makeup?

Or are there certain tricks that one should follow?

And what about affordable mineral makeup?

Are there any?

Read on…
What goes first?
Well, for those blessed (or cursed…however you look at it) with oily skin, setting powder goes first, then foundation, then another of setting powder, then blush. (Applying blush can also be before the last layer of setting powder).

Now if you don’t need foundation, you can set your powder then your blush. For those who have moderately or not so oily skin, foundation can come first, then setting powder, then blush. People with dry skin have the option to mix foundation with their moisturizer, and then apply as tinted moisturizer. Top that off with setting powder and then blush-on.
Applying mineral makeup requires essential tools:

1 makeup brush for the face - to apply mineral makeup, experts recommend having these three brushes handy: powder brush, the kabuki brush, or a flat top brush. You can use the powder brush to apply sheer coverage. What I like about this brush is that you have more control whenever you apply mineral makeup. Now if you need more coverage, you can always just add another layer. Now we all know that the kabuki brush and the flat top brush can pick up more foundation (because of their density in terms of bristles) so just be careful whenever you use either of them when applying mineral makeup.

1 concealer brush and 1 eyeshadow brush - perfect tools in covering up imperfections and those dark areas under your eyes

1 blush brush - make sure that it’s not too big or too small that you can’t have control whenever you apply blush on your cheeks!
Perfect Base : Applying concealer
This one is a very tricky task. Either you “underconceal” or you “overconceal.” The best way to do this task is to tap the loose mineral undereye concealer onto the rim of the lid of your mineral makeup, swipe the brush, pick up very, very little product at first, then with the gentlest pressure swipe under the eyes. Experts say that it’s best if you start with the inner part of the upper eye, going down then apply on the undereyes. Swipe around the undereyes ever so gently until the eyes look well rested! Remember, there’s a tendency that the undereyes can look yellow because we’re dealing with mineral makeup over here! So be sure to just put the “safest” amount possible.
Applying Mineral Concealer
In those cases wherein you wake up one day and find a zit on the middle of your cheek (of all places!), just use your mineral concealer the same way that you use your regular one.
Applying mineral foundation makeup is still a vital task. Who wouldn’t want to wear this when it helps keep your skin look flawless and sheer?
Everyday Use
Just like putting on regular makeup, putting on mineral makeup will work best if you just wear it lightly and properly. Less is more, remember that! Light coverage does not mean less effectiveness.

The products you may want to choose from are: LA Minerals, Bare Escentuals, Silk Naturals, Erth Minerals, Everyday Minerals and Lumiere Cosmetics. There are also a lot of affordable mineral makeup that you can choose from.

For everyday use, it’s best to choose a shade lighter. For good skin, you can just apply mineral concealer dry. Or you can get your mineral concealer, pick up just the right amount with your concealer brush and then dab on the imperfection. Just make sure that when you dab, it doesn’t create like a circle or a halo or else the imperfection would become more noticeable.
Mineral Blush Application
One thing that you need to remember about applying mineral blush makeup is that mineral makeup blushes are very pigmented so it’s not always the best time to play around with them. It’s better to be safe! However, don’t get disappointed! Because colors from these mineral blushes are definitely beautiful! They will make your face appear bright, shimmery and satiny/silky and that’s why mineral makeup is all the rage these days! (oh wait, I already said that in the beginning of this post! LOL)

To apply mineral blush, pick up very light coverage on your blush brush - do not load up too much on the brush because less is more remember? - it’s easier to add more than to erase too much blush on the face! Ever so lightly sweep the mineral blush across the apples of your cheeks then blend.
Happy mineral makeuppin’!**

Top photo by **Thomas Hawk**

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