007 Tips to Create a Perfect Bond Girl Look


Who can deny the sheer magnetism of a Bond girl? She's a bit dangerous, a bit flirtatious, and always flawless. A Bond girl is definitely the perfect woman, whether she's assassin or hopeless Bond devotee. Want to create some of that Bond magic for the Spy who loves you? Here are 7 tips to help you create a sexy pot look, Bond style.

1) Start with a fresh face. Exfoliate for a youthful glow that most Bond girls sport. Be careful not to exfoliate more than once a week, though.

2) Apply concealer to minimize your dark areas or blemishes. If you don't already have a concealer, definitely invest in one. None of us are blemish free all the time, and we can all use help to even out our skin tones. MAC offers a huge variety of concealers in all skin tones.

3) Create big, bright eyes. In Bond films, the eyes have it. A requirement for all the Bond girls are well defined eyes. Play up this feature by choosing eye shadows in the silver and shimmery family.

4) Contour everywhere. Unless you have an oval shaped face, sculpt your face by creating shadows and highlights all over your face. Even if you do have an oval face, you contouring to further bring up your features. Contouring is a bold look, and shouldn't be over done. Try to only do it for special occasions, like dress up!

5) Mascara, mascara, mascara! You definitely want to reinforce your eye intensity with heavy coats of mascara. Try a brand like Max Factor for a no-clump look. Apply mascara 3 times, waiting for it to dry before reapplying. If you're good with false eyelashes, this is the perfect time to rock those as well.

6) Apply foundation and powder. Buff with your kabuki brush! The kabuki brush will help you create a soft and flawless finish. It will blend all the harsh lines.

7) Finish off your look with a neutral lip and liner. The liner you choose should never, ever be black. Find a liner that's two shades darker than your skin tone. You only want to accent your lips, not underline them! And there you go, the perfect temptress look, 007 style!

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