7 Super Cute Retro Buys ...

I love buying cute retro things... I just love having them around, and they are fantastic for boosting my mood! The Summer months didnโ€™t seem to come with the usual amount of crazy-cute retro buys, but Iโ€™m pleased to report that there is definitely some cute new things, and Iโ€™m having a hard time deciding what to buy! Here are my favourite retro buys of the moment...

1. By Caprice Retro Print Bikini

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Price: $40 at asos.com
I love this gorgeous retro bikini... the days might be getting a little chillier but the pattern on this is certain to cheer you up and itโ€™s so flattering too! I love Capriceโ€™s range, and this is definitely one of the best pieces. From the bright colours to the pretty bows, itโ€™s just fantastic. Team with wedges in a matching colour and some kitsch jewellery, and make the most of the rest of Summer!

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