10 Home Made Recipes for under Eye Dark Circles ...


10 Home Made Recipes for under Eye Dark Circles ...
10 Home Made Recipes for under Eye Dark Circles ...

There are many individuals that have those under eye dark circles. If you take a look around you, I am sure you will spot a few. Do you happen to be one of them? If so, then you and I have something in common. Not too long ago, I was dealing with those pesky dark under eye circles myself, until I came across a list of these home made recipes. Below, you are going to find a list of ten home made recipes for under eye dark circles that will brighten up your eye skin in no time.

But let's start with mentioning a few reasons why the dark circles appear in the first place.
Why These Nasty Dark Circles Appear:

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There Are Many Cases Where I Have Seen Dark Circles as a Heredity Train. the Skin That is Located around the Eyes is the Most Thinnest and Delicate on the Whole Body. Dark Circles That Are under the Eyes Are Actually Blood Vessels That You Can See through the Skin. They Produce a Dark Bluish Tint


Another Common Factor of Those Dark Circles Are Allergies. when You Rub Your Eyes, It Can Break Those Small Capillaries under the Skin, Which Will Cause Discoloration and Puffiness. if the Root of the Problem is Allergies, then Just Treat Those Allergies


It is Also Stated That Dark Circles under the Eye Could Be a Sign of Kidney Weakness


Also, Those Dark Circles and Puffiness under the Eyes Are Thought to Be a Deficiency in Lack of Antioxidants or Vitamin K in the Diet


It is Also Believed That Having a Lack of Mineral Iron Can Be the Cause


Iron Deficiency Could Point to Anemia, Which is a Serious Condition and Will Require Some Treatment

You can learn more about it in 4 Things That Cause Your Under Eye Dark Circles and Puffiness post.

But meanwhile, while you are still working on removing the cause of your dark circle, try these 10 Home Made Recipes that'll greatly improve your eye skin condition for brighter more youthful eyes!
1. Sleep in
Do you know what the first natural remedy is that we are going to tell you? This is one of the most common and important remedies. Do you know lack of sleep could be the cause of those dark circles? With that said, we believe you should start making sure you get at least seven to nine hour of sleep each night. It is believed that the average person needs at least eight hours of sleep each night so that they will not be tired throughout the day. It’s hard to believe that a simple technique such as getting more sleep could eliminate that problem. I try to get the required sleep each night so that I do not have those circles. However, if this technique does not work for you, then we highly recommend you moving forward to the next step.
2. Eat Healthy
Believe it or not, what you eat really does count. When you eat healthy, have a balanced diet and drink lots of water, you may eliminate those annoying things under the eyes. You should also make sure you get lots of minerals and vitamins each day. Don’t forget to eat lots of vegetables and fruits. Cabbage, leafy greens and spinach are perfect. In fact, everyday, you should consume at least two cups of spinach. Who wouldn’t want to eat spinach? I personally believe it is good.

You should stay away from foods that are too salty. Why/ Because those salty foods are known for causing your body to hold water. When you hold water in your body, you will get bloating and puffiness, especially noticeable under you eye.
3. Try Asian Pear
Have you ever heard of Asian pear? Asian pear is a crunchy and juicy fruit that has been in Chinese herbalists' minds for many years. Would you believe it if we told you this would be a way to lighten up those circles? Asian Pear, also known as Fuji pears have tons of antioxidants, copper and vitamin C in them.
4. Apply Washcloth
As you are sleeping, you can treat your skin. Right before you go to bed, put a washcloth over your eyes. The wash cloth should contain cold water. When morning time comes, you are going to notice an improvement in your eyes. This is one of the easiest methods out there. I have personally tried it and found that it really does work.
5. Try Cucumber and Tea Bags
This fifth method is something that is very popular and has been used throughout history. Get some cucumber slices and apply them to your eyes. If you do not want to use cucumber slices, then you can use tea bags and put them over your eyes. The cucumber slices are perfect for reducing the puffiness. The tannin, which is found in tea is perfect for getting rid of the discoloration and swelling. During this process, you will need to lay down, close your eyes and put the cucumber slices or caffeinated tea bags on your eyes. Make sure the cucumber slices are cold. You should do this method for ten minutes each day.


Try Home Made Avocado Cream

This method involves creating your own recipes in the comfort of your own home. The first recipe I have for you consists of Avocado Cream. You will need to mix five drops of almond oil with three slices of avocado. When you mix it up, dab it around your eyes and leave it on there for at least five minutes. When those five minutes have passed, all you have to do is rinse it off with warm water.


Try Sliced Potato

Potatoes are known for having natural bleaching properties, so putting a slice of potato on your eyes would be perfect. Many people use this method, instead of the cucumber method.


Try Home Made Potato-Applesauce Cream

The next recipe consists of Potato-Applesauce Cream. You will need to take a small raw potato and two tablespoons of applesauce that has not been sweetened. Add these two ingredients into a mixer and mix them up. When you have created the cream, dab it around your eyes with a warm washcloth. Leave it on your face for about five minutes, then wash it off.

With the next recipe, you can mix tomato puree, lemon juice, turmeric powder and orange lentil flour in a mixer until it develops into a paste. You can use an electric mixer in order to do this. It should be set on low speed. When you have the paste, put it under your eyes and leave it there for about fifteen minutes. After fifteen minutes, wash it off with warm water.
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9. Apply Almond Oil
This method is simple. Take almond oil each morning and evening and put it under your eye. You will need to do this until you see some improvement. If you choose, you can continue doing it in order to keep those circles away.
10. Try Cottage Cheese Mask
I know it might be the first time you hear about this, but I've learnt this trick from my beautician. All you need is some fresh cottage cheese and two cotton rounds. Put a small amount of cottage cheese on each cotton pad and leave them on your eye area for 15 minutes before going to sleep. You'll be amazed at the results you'll get in the morning!

You see, many of these recipes are simple. Some of them consist of a simple cucumber or potato, while the others consist of a couple of ingredients. Each and every one of those ingredients will be easy to obtain and I know you will love them just as much as I did! Keep me posted on your progress, Gorgeous!

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As a 25 years old, I'm starting to see many changes on my face and eyes. One of my biggest problems is the dark circles around my eyes, which lead to a lot of makeup, concealers and coverups. As a result I'm starting to get lots of fine line underneath my eyes. And of course heavy wrinkles un my forehead from all my face expressions. Ever since I started using Made From Earth's Olive Night Cream, I have notice a lot of difference in the way my skin feels and look. My friends have commented about it. I don't need so much makeup to cover up the dark circles. This product has increase the thickness of my skin and the elasticity as well. Wrinkles are disappearing ... dark circles are becoming lees apparent. I love it. Also, I never get breakouts or clogged pores with this product. I highly recommended Made from Earth for those who have skin prone to breakouts from cosmetics, and thin skin that leads to a premature age look.

I used the tea bag idea. It works (kinda) I still have a little blue under my eye. Any sugestions? (I'm 13 years old)

My doctor said the circles under my eyes are caused by allergy.

Hii for the washcloth one, do you leave the cold washcloth over your eyes while you're asleep?

I guess I'm lucky that I don't have dark circles at my age ( I never had) even if I sleep during day time. For about a year now I've been using La Prairie anti-aging eye cream SPF 15 and it really does miracles. I have a complete review on my blog about this cream, you can check it out.

Do you leave hot tea bags or cold :/

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