8 Steps to Summer's Hottest Smoky Eye Look ...

Summer's hottest look is a new take on smoky eyes, using hotter colours, such as silver and carbon black. I’ve even seen it on some catwalks in different colours such as green, gold and purple, and it looked divine! I was lucky enough to be given a demonstration by a hot makeup artist, and here are the eight steps you need to follow to master this summer's hottest smokey eye look...

1. Fluidline

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Photo Credit: Fairy_Nuff

Choose a fluidline base of the smokey eye colour you’ve chosen. In this example, I’m going to use silver, as it looked so amazing againstmy skin! It’s also a lighter version of black, so it looks a bit more Spring like, and less heavy. Apply a small amount to your eyelid, starting in the inner corner and pulling the brush upwards and outwards.

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