21 Cool 😎 Valentine's Day Quotes 💬 ...

If you’re looking for a quote to put on a card for your loved one, see if any of the cool Valentine’s Day quotes I’ve listed below are of interest to you. They were fun to find! I’m always up for something that strays away from the traditional ‘Roses are red, Violets are blue…' Maybe one of the quotes below will inspire you to write your own lovely limerick.

1. Stupid Cupid

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Isn’t this the truth? When someone mentions Valentine’s Day, I think of heart-shaped items, kisses, love letters, and romantic moments. However, the Latin word ‘cupido’ does mean ‘desire,’ which is why he’s associated with love and usually Valentine’s Day as well. He is considered to be the god of affection, desire, and erotic love, which makes sense because he is said to be the son of the goddess Venus.

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