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10 Things Guys Keep Secret ...

By Lyndsie

The rumor is that girls are famous for keeping secrets, but the truth of the matter is that guys are quite good at it themselves. There are, in fact, many things that a guy will keep to himself even upon punishment of death. So, I talked to some of my guy friends, some family members, and some random dudes on the street, in addition to doing some research, and found out ten deep, dark secrets a lot of menfolk are keeping.

1 They Fear Rejection

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The stereotypical scenario features a girl waiting for the guy who's promised he'll call to actually do so – and every guy promises. She's waiting because she's worried she'll be rejected. Guys worry about that too, they worry that you won't think they're good enough, smart enough, or good-looking enough – a lot of them just aren't as open about it as girls are.

2 They're Insecure

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Men are secretly insecure about a lot of things, and unless they are in touch with that side of themselves, they'd probably rather cut out their tongues than tell you about them. They get insecure about their bodies, about being able to provide for their families, and about a lot of the stereotypes that are seen as a man's duty.


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3 Daddy's Boy

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Girls always marry their dads, right? Well, no, not always, but the belief is that a lot of girls do look for men who share certain qualities with their fathers. While men may or may not want to marry their mothers (I'll get to that in a second), many of them do secretly want to be like their fathers. In ideal situations, a boy's father is his hero and he wants to be just like his dad – even when he's grown up himself.

4 Sexcapades

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Of course guys lie about sex! I've heard it said, and many of my guy friends agree, that when it comes to sex, guys closely guard the secret of how many women they've actually slept with. Most times, they'll take the base number and add on two or three – or four or five. Other guys I talked to vehemently denied this and said they'll say they've slept with fewer women than they have. All agreed, however, that guys generally prefer to keep the legit number a secret.

5 It's Lust Thing

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Lust is a big secret with guys, and that's probably for a good reason. Few women understand lust as it pertains to men. I definitely don't. I think it's something women almost can't allow themselves to fully understand, otherwise there might be a world full of Bobbitt debacles.

6 Sexual Experimentation

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Every woman knows that, on the average, guys think about sex way often. However, guys also think about experimentation. They want to experiment but many of them keep that desire a secret because they're afraid of broaching the subject with their partner. They don't want to be weird.

7 Not a Mama's Boy

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The majority of the guys I talked to were adamant about setting the record straight on one particular subject: they actually do not want to marry their mothers. Your guy's deepest secret might actually be that he's scared to death you'll turn into his mom!

7 Sporting Good

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Guys play sports, right? Do you know why? Is it for the camaraderie? Is it for the competition? Do they golf purely for love of the game? Nah. They just want some time to themselves but don't really want to say so.

8 The Sex Master

The Sex MasterPhoto Credit: by Janine

Want to know a real juicy secret? The guy you see at the gym, the man who services your car, and the dude who installed your satellite think that they are the absolute shizz in bed. My BFF informed me of this trade secret: every guy thinks he's great in bed, even when it's painfully obvious that he's not. I think we ought to stop lying to the boys about this – and yeah, I'm guilty of it too.

9 The Porn Story

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Guys look at porn. They watch movies, they read stories, they look at pictures, they scour Cinemax after midnight. That's not a secret. The secret is: they all have a secret hiding place. Usually it's under the mattress. Shh.

10 The Area

The AreaPhoto Credit: Éole

Men keep secrets about many things related to their dangly bits. They are insecure about size, length, and girth, but perhaps more importantly, if they have any sexual problems, a lot of them are going to take that secret to the grave.

Now, not all men keep these secrets, of course. All guys are different. Often, an open and honest relationship can put an end to a lot of secret-keeping. Do you have any tips for dealing with these or other issues?

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