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8 Reasons Gamers Make Better Boyfriends ...

By Melanie

Yeah, I think gamers make better boyfriends and I have a feeling this blog is going to get a lot of comments going against having gamers as boyfriends. Oh, I can see it now “I had a boyfriend who was a gamer once and he never paid attention to me,” “I had a boyfriend who played games once and he was a loser who did nothing but play, he didn’t even work.” Yeah, I can see all of those comments and I know some of them may have truth to them, but sometimes, it’s just the fact that some girls hate games. Some girls make their guys get rid of their games and I hope you aren’t one of them. Okay, below, I am going to give you 8 reasons gamers make better boyfriends.

8 You Can Share the Same Hobby

You Can Share the Same HobbyPhoto Credit: jasonshim

I think they make good boyfriends because you can share the same hobbies together. This is great, because you will always have something to do.

7 There Are More Things to Talk about

When you have a gamer as a boyfriend, there will be an endless amount of things to talk about – as long as you are into games. There’s always new games coming out, so surely, that’s something good to talk about.

6 You Get to Take Trips to the Game Store Together

Oh yeah, you can’t forget about taking trips to the game store. You may even get to go to conventions together, which is really cool. Just like couples who watch movies together get to go to the movie stores together, you will get to go to the game stores together.

5 You Have Someone to Play with

You Have Someone to Play withPhoto Credit: One Good Reason

When you have a gamer as a boyfriend, if you are into games, then you are going to have someone to play with. I like to play games with my husband, he is always fun.

4 They Seem to Be Smarter

They Seem to Be SmarterPhoto Credit: Alan Rappa

I don’t know about you, but I have noticed that gamers are smarter than the average bear. Yeah, some can argue with me on this one, because of their “experience,” but I tell you, gamers are smarter!

3 It’s Better than Watching Television

Oh goodness, I can’t stand watching television every night! How do people do it? Instead of watching television, silently, why not play games and laugh together? This is more fun.

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2 There is Never a Boring Moment

With a gamer, you are not going to experience a dull moment. They always seem to have something up their sleeve. I have noticed this one.

1 They’re More Fun

They’re More FunPhoto Credit: iriseyes91

Yep, they’re more fun. It’s much better than having to go sit in the hot sun with a guy who is obsessed with sports and listen to their screaming buddies. It’s better than going to parties. I have also noticed that guys who play video games tend to stay out of trouble.

Yep, I’m the type of girl who was destined to be with a gamer. You know, since gaming has always been in my blood. Of course, maybe gaming isn’t in your blood. Maybe you don’t deserve to be with a gamer if you despise games. Those are 8 reasons gamers make better boyfriends. So, what’s your opinion on this topic?

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