8 Reasons Gamers Make Better Boyfriends ...


8 Reasons Gamers Make Better Boyfriends ...
8 Reasons Gamers Make Better Boyfriends ...

Yeah, I think gamers make better boyfriends and I have a feeling this blog is going to get a lot of comments going against having gamers as boyfriends. Oh, I can see it now “I had a boyfriend who was a gamer once and he never paid attention to me,” “I had a boyfriend who played games once and he was a loser who did nothing but play, he didn’t even work.” Yeah, I can see all of those comments and I know some of them may have truth to them, but sometimes, it’s just the fact that some girls hate games. Some girls make their guys get rid of their games and I hope you aren’t one of them. Okay, below, I am going to give you 8 reasons gamers make better boyfriends.

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You Can Share the Same Hobby

You Can Share the Same Hobby Photo Credit: jasonshim

I think they make good boyfriends because you can share the same hobbies together. This is great, because you will always have something to do.


There Are More Things to Talk about

When you have a gamer as a boyfriend, there will be an endless amount of things to talk about – as long as you are into games. There’s always new games coming out, so surely, that’s something good to talk about.


You Get to Take Trips to the Game Store Together

Oh yeah, you can’t forget about taking trips to the game store. You may even get to go to conventions together, which is really cool. Just like couples who watch movies together get to go to the movie stores together, you will get to go to the game stores together.


You Have Someone to Play with

You Have Someone to Play with Photo Credit: One Good Reason

When you have a gamer as a boyfriend, if you are into games, then you are going to have someone to play with. I like to play games with my husband, he is always fun.


They Seem to Be Smarter

They Seem to Be Smarter Photo Credit: Alan Rappa

I don’t know about you, but I have noticed that gamers are smarter than the average bear. Yeah, some can argue with me on this one, because of their “experience,” but I tell you, gamers are smarter!


It’s Better than Watching Television

Oh goodness, I can’t stand watching television every night! How do people do it? Instead of watching television, silently, why not play games and laugh together? This is more fun.

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There is Never a Boring Moment

With a gamer, you are not going to experience a dull moment. They always seem to have something up their sleeve. I have noticed this one.


They’re More Fun

They’re More Fun Photo Credit: iriseyes91

Yep, they’re more fun. It’s much better than having to go sit in the hot sun with a guy who is obsessed with sports and listen to their screaming buddies. It’s better than going to parties. I have also noticed that guys who play video games tend to stay out of trouble.

Yep, I’m the type of girl who was destined to be with a gamer. You know, since gaming has always been in my blood. Of course, maybe gaming isn’t in your blood. Maybe you don’t deserve to be with a gamer if you despise games. Those are 8 reasons gamers make better boyfriends. So, what’s your opinion on this topic?

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Hmmmm..... I have to say part of me agrees and part of me does not. I have been married for 6 years together for 10 and since day one my other half has been a gamer. There are certain games I loved him playing like RougeSpear, or Call of Duty which he plays now. But..... When he was playing WOW we had lots of issues. He was so addicted we almost divorced. When you have two kids and are married gaming is not alway the best way to go, yeah I know the post was about boyfriends, but that boyfriend sometimes turns into a husband. There are limits to gaming and now he doesn't play WOW anymore our marriage was more important to him, but COD its ok he plays at night with friends and it isn't as addicting!!!

These are assuming I'm (or just the girlfriend) are into said games as well :] Some of them are aight, for example I never get bored watching him shoot countless players features off. And I can always do things I like on my laptop whilst in the same room and so we both comment on what eachother or doing. But best of all.. he knows which buttons to press ;p

@ Melanie, this is my third time trying to write this without it freezing on me. My husband started playing in November of 04 which is when the game first came out. He would wake up play go to bed with it is mind. He played more then 12 hours in a day. Before we had kids sure it was fine, I would go out do my own thing had no worries. Since then we have had two boys. I was doing everything myself, I felt like a single mother. I told him this several times he promised to slow down and not play as much, well lied he was so addicted he would always end up back to the way he was. I told him I was living and not doing it anymore, since then he stopped playing and has been there 100%, so when you say that WOW is not an addicting game I have to disagree, my husband bestfriend and his girlfriend still play everyday all day. That game really needs to go!

Im not disagreeing with you. but in some ways i am. my ex was a gamer, and i am too! i loveee video games and i love playing them. but when my ex would wake me up at 5 am cause hes playing games and keep me up till all hours of the night drove my crazy. and when he ws playing his games and i was playing mine, we never talked or anything and when he was done he though that i should be too! it was sooo annoying and after a year and half of it i was done! lol now i feel like that is wayyy to much gaming! my boyfriend now, barely ever plays games and it is sooo nice! he wants to go do things and be outside with me. and hang out with and not just sitt around playing video games and he doesn't rush to game stop to get the latest games! i love it :] but we still do play pokemon together sometimes!

I don't know if I agree with this so much. My boyfriend gets upset if he loses during a game he will break things and usually slam his head against the wall. He also takes his agression out on others by negative name calling and sometimes physical force.

Lisa - Girl, it's all a freedom of speech and there is nothing you will be able to do about it. I will continue to write these blogs. Yet, you're continuing to read my gaming blogs AND commenting. If you don't like it, then don't read them, it's that easy. =) In my opinion, gamers are smarter and they are more fun. I hate those boring people who go to clubs, drink and have sex with multiple partners. I think games keep you out of trouble. (I know, some people DO take it overboard and don't even step outside and that's not the type of gamers I like). If you're opinion is different, then that is good for you. We are all entitled to our opinions. You take things way too personal and you really shouldn't. @ Tabatha - I read what Melissa wrote and I think it makes sense. It's nice to know someone else out there understand that there's nothing wrong with play video games. I have children and me and my husband play WoW together. Of course, there's time with children, there's time together and then there's game time. You have to learn how to separate those. You can't just sit there and play game all the time. Some people just can't handle playing for a little while, they want to play all day or whatever and that is no good. Then, you have some wives and girlfriends that just can't handle their husband playing video games and not giving them attention. My husband and I have a great relationship, my children are well taken care of and get a lot of attention - we still play games like WoW, so I can't figure out what the big deal is with you girls. It's going out to parties and drinking alcohol that I have a problem with. Would you be complaining so much if your husbands were taken you out? So many people do those things and think nothing of it. Playing video games is much better than some of the things guys could be doing. I have heard where guys are neglected from video games, because their wife won't let them play, that isn't right. I know you agree with me on this one?? Melanie

@ Melissa, Did you read what you just wrote? Maybe you do not mind your husband playing WOW because you have a better time without him...... I mean come on do you have children? If not then you have no room to talk, you think me asking him not to play is being selfish? How about him playing all the time is being selfish, children need a father in their lifes not someone who is going to ignore them all the time to fill thier needs. So don't you go stating at the fact that I was the one being selfish, and do not post stupid comments like that if you have no idea what you are talking about, keep your own marriage under wraps and don't worry about other peoples!!!!

Melanie, your articles are becoming increasingly biased with your opinions, "gamers are smarter" "gamers are more fun" "gamers aren't boring" (Ok, I don't know about you other readers, but have you noticed that number one and two are basically the same thing, just said another way?)

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