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8 Places Guys Hang out ...

By Melanie

If you are looking for a guy, then there are 8 places guys hang out that I can think of. It is up to you whether or not you would like to meet a guy in these places and remember, you should never let your guard down.

8 Bar

Yes, guys do hang out in the bar. However, it is important to remind yourself that sometimes, picking up a guy in the bar may equal trouble. However, this is not always true. Just always be careful when meeting new men, no matter where you meet them.

7 The Gym

Many guys go to the gym, right? In fact, there are many single guys that hang out in the gym – single guys that might be interested in you. So, grab your gym bag and head to the gym.


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6 Watching the Latest Horror Flick

Come on, besides action, guys like scary things. There are plenty of guys catching up on the latest horror flick, so the move theatre is definitely going to be on my list. At least, this is something I have noticed in my area. Every time I go to a theatre to see the latest horror flick, I always see plenty of guys there.

5 Laundromat

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Hey, guys have to do their laundry too, right? There’s nothing better than a clean guy at the Laundromat showing how responsible he is. So, as strange as this one may sound, this is a place where guys tend to hang out.

4 The Bookstore

Hey, guys enjoy reading too and many guys are bookworms. So, if you are the type of girl who really loves guys who read, try the local bookstore. You never know what you are going to find in there – you might meet your true love once and for all.

3 The Basketball Court

Yes, many guys love sports and there is no denying that one. Many enjoy playing basketball together with their fellow buddies. Whenever I ride by the local basketball court, I always see a group of guys shooting hoops there.

2 Watching the Game

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Is there a local club in your area that is always showing a game on the television? During football and basketball season, guys flock to the televisions in those clubs.

1 Grubbing

Oh yes, where is the popular lunch spot in your area? Surely, there are some guys hanging out there during lunch time.

Guys are also known for hanging out online, which I did not mention in this list. Take note that all of these places come from surveys that have been conducted. These are the top places that men hang out. Of course, there are many other places that could be on this list. I even read a popular place to find a guy was the local grocery store – does that sound strange to you? Many meet up in grocery stores. So, if you do not agree with this list, try posting a list that you do agree on.

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