7 Reasons Women Are Attracted to Older Men ...


7 Reasons Women Are Attracted to Older Men ...
7 Reasons Women Are Attracted to Older Men ...

Being married to a man much older than myself, I think I have a good idea for at least 7 reasons women are attracted to older men. I tried to cover just 7, but there are quite a few more reasons that I prefer older men to men my own age as well as those younger than I. I’ve definitely never been attracted to guys younger than myself and this might be because I tend to associate young men with my own kids. It’d be like dating a friend of my son’s! I don’t know about you, but that just freaks me out. Anyway, here’s the list.

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They Know How to Treat a Woman

I’m not just talking about being polite, holding the car door open, waiting by the door and allowing a woman to enter the room first, or anything regarded as being chivalrous. Those are all fantastic and I’m thrilled that my husband still does these things. I actually like it when a man holds the door open for me. The other part to this reason involves the bedroom. By the time guys reach middle age, they know a thing or two about how to treat a woman just the way she wants to be treated in bed.


They Are More Stable in Many Areas

Marrying an older man, I was certain that he’d been through enough crud in his life that he was going to be willing to make our marriage work. So far, I’ve been right. Older men are stable when it comes to having lasting relationships, being able to manage finances accurately, they are willing to quit living in the past, they are more forgiving, and they tend to be more mentally stable too.


They Have More Confidence

My husband, as well as most the men in his age group, is past the point of caring what others think. He isn’t rude or anything like that, but he doesn’t do things just to please others. He dresses how he wants and is confident that his attire is perfectly acceptable. I’ve noticed that older men also are more apt to strike up a conversation with a woman of any age. They appear to be past the point in their life where fear or intimidation stopped them in their tracks. I really like this aspect of older men.


They Seem More Mature

Sure, there are a few guys my age that I’ve met who were fairly mature, but not like the older guys. The word I’m looking for might actually be ‘refined’ instead of ‘mature’. There will always be a select few who never truly grow up. They still get a kick out of ‘Pull my finger’ and goofy pranks. Not that I’m against things like this, since many men in my family continue that prank until they finally keel over. Men and farts. I’ll never understand. For the most part, I’ve found that older men are more mature in most aspects.


They’ve Already Made a Few Mistakes and Learned from Them

It’s frustrating to date a guy who keeps making mistakes over and over again and never learns how to handle things in a different way. I guess there are always exceptions to every rule. Being kicked around for a few decades really whips a person into shape. Older men have made their mistakes, done their time pondering how to amend said mistakes, and learned from the entire experience. These guys are usually quite a bit wiser and I find that comforting.


They Know What They Want

This applies to in and outside of the bedroom. I like a guy who isn’t fickle when making decision. An indecisive man is unnerving. I once dated a guy who wasn’t able to make a decision on his own. We’d spend at least half an hour trying to decide what to do for the evening. He was the one who asked me out on a date, so I figured he had something in mind. He never did. When I’d suggest something he’d agree then think of something else only to disagree with himself. Aaaahhhhhh!


They Are past the Drama

You know the drama I’m talking about; high school style drama. Older guys don’t usually have room for drama in their lives. They often don’t tolerate it. This is very refreshing. I can’t stand drama and try to avoid it at all costs. Of course, there is always the inevitable drama that having a family brings along, but staying away from friends who drag you into it is something most older men have found a way to eliminate.

These 7 reasons women are attracted to older men are mostly derived from my personal experience. If you’ve had a different experience, then feel free to let me know! I find it interesting as to why women are attracted to certain ages of men. Like I said before, younger men don’t float my boat, but I do enjoy the company of older me. That’s why I married one! Why do you think some women tend to be attracted to older men?

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I have been with older men for yrs I am 34 my bf of a couple yrs is in his late 40's. I started dating older men because I thought they would be more mature but I have found they are almost a big a player as men my own age. So I haven't had much luck. I once got dumped by a guy 10 yrs older then me for a woman in her 20's. SMH.

Mostly the maturity attributes to all those reasons. Women want to be able to be with someone they can depend on to know what to do with the serious matters, not just goof off or go quiet.

They don't seem, they are more mature.

An older guy is scared 2 lose u so u feel more secure compared 2 a younger guy who feels hot wit a wandering eye.

Soo true

I'm new here and I always ask the question why much younger women are attracted to me. I don't have the answer. Three years ago, I had an intimate experience with a 24 yr. old. I am 34 years older then her. I immediately picked up on what her agenda was. Being recently divorced, I broke it off after 2 weeks of an excellent experience. About 4 months later, another younger woman approached me. As much as I wanted to take her up on her offer, I declined. I felt guilty for a while. Then I read up on things and I kind of get it. I won't seek a younger woman, but if she approaches me, I would consider it. Part of this is respect for her. Another part of is if it turns into a relationship. I'm not looking for fun. I am single, own my own home and am professionally employed. Although I desire a woman no more than 3 years younger than me, I keep my options open. I'm not an idiot. What I don't do is date women who are in relationships or are married. Marriage is sacred. I won't cross that line.

Its easy to say that men know what they want, the truth is don't. We need companionship like all the women out there. We need love and romance as well. But most of all we need to be understood/ listened to.. If I am ever fortunate enough to find a woman who listens to me half as much as she talks. I think I could find happiness, and that's all I want. Not perfection, just happiness

I completely agree with all these points. Especially that they have been through enough to know that if they are going to get married they are going to make it work.

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