8 Things Most Men Love Talking about ...


8 Things Most Men Love Talking about ...
8 Things Most Men Love Talking about ...

Women might have the reputation for being big talkers, but we all know who is really the culprit! If you want the latest gossip, chances are pretty good that you will hear it at the local barbershop faster than you will in the ladies’ room. Men are famous for spilling all of the dirt on everything from relationships to the big game. It seems like practically nothing goes unsaid between a group of guys! Do you ever wonder what they are talking about during those locker room conversations? While we can’t say for sure, here are 8 things most men love talking about.

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What is it about guys and cars? They seem to be attracted to wheels from the time they are little boys having races with matchbox cars. Whether your man is young or old, he probably talks about cars with his friends. They compare whose car is newer and they all have opinions on which make and model is faster. They love to spin tires, rev engines, and show off their ride anytime the guys get together.


For many men, their car is more than just transportation; it's a symbol of status, success, and personal taste. From the horsepower under the hood to the sleekness of the design, every detail counts. It's all about personalization, whether that means a state-of-the-art sound system or custom rims. And let's not forget the thrill of the pitch-perfect purr from an engine or the adrenaline kick of a turbocharged acceleration. It's these details that feed into endless discussions, as each guy strives to have his own ultimate set of wheels.



It seems like nothing gets a group of guys more excited than a good sports event. Whether they are watching baseball from the bleachers or cheering for the super bowl at home, guys love sports. They spend hours talking about the stats of their favorite teams and predicting the season outcomes.



Women get a bad wrap for talking about men all the time, but we aren’t nearly as bad as the guys! When a group of men get together, you better believe they are going to discuss women. From the female body to the female mind, every man likes to compare notes and mull it over with their friends.


Dirty Jokes

Alright, let’s just admit it. If you walk up on a group of men, you might catch a dirty joke or two. It seems like our guys try to use up all of their potty humor when they are together, but maybe that’s okay. At least it saves us the embarrassment of them telling these jokes in front of our families, right?


The “Glory” Days

Have you ever heard a bunch of guys comparing memories of their younger years? These little moments of reminiscing are common among men, especially when they get together. They relive their high school moments of great parties, big games, and hilarious pranks.


Bodily Functions

It’s gross and we don’t really understand it, but it seems like most men won’t pass up the chance for a good discussion on bodily functions. From gas to boogers, they cover it all at some point in the typical male conversation.



Men usually love expressing their opinions on politics. Whether they enjoy a heated debate or a few minutes commiserating about unfair taxes and stupid laws, most guys like talking about politics.



Young and old, most guys like to talk about sex. Even if your guy doesn’t kiss and tell, he probably at least likes to talk about sex in a round about way with his friends. Guys are just naturally curious about how they are measuring up to their friends in this department.

These are just 8 things most men love to talk about, but there are many more. From music to movies, men like to talk just as much as women. They are logical problem solvers by nature, while women are more emotional. It’s only natural that when they get together, they solve the world’s problems, relive their glory days, and maybe exchange a dirty joke or two. It’s all just part of being a guy. At least that’s our theory!

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I have a single friend that talks about cars, only a couple are really into sports, we hardly ever talk about women. Do women never make dirty jokes? Nobody is fit to make a "top 8"-esque list about what an entire group of people think, let alone some one that isn't even apart of that particular group.

How would, a women, know what men talk about. This article is riddled with misandry and largely false generalizations.

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