8 Ways to Identify a Mama's Boy ...


It is only natural that a guy would love his mother. It is generally accepted that guys who show love and respect for their mothers treat women better than men who lack respect for their own mothers. However, there is a difference between a normal mother/son relationship and a not so healthy mother/ mama’s boy relationship. Let’s hope these 8 tips help you to identify a mama’s boy before you get too involved with him.

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He Calls His Mother “Mommy”

Any adult male who insists on calling his mother “mommy” is quite likely a mama’s boy. He is easily identified by the euphoric look on his face at the mere mention of her. When he speaks the word “mommy” his voice will remind you of a little boy. When you see this happen, run. He is still tied to his mama’s apron strings.


Mommy Must Approve

When a guy asks for his mama’s approval before asking a gal out on a date, he is a mama’s boy. Obviously he relies on mama to make his decisions for him. He may look like an adult but he surely does nothing like one.


Mommy Chaperones

Look out for the guys who bring their moms along on dates. Mama’s boys bring mother along and treat her more like the date than you! Mama gets the front seat, you get the back. Dump the guy quick unless you want to be saddled with mama for the duration of your relationship.


He Lives at Home

A real mama’s boy lives at home with his mother and shows no inclination towards becoming independent and moving out. He actually likes his mama doing his laundry, making his bed and cooking for him; unless you care to take over as mama, look out for this guy.


Mama Tattoos

Guys have sported tattoos honoring their mothers for hundreds of years. But, mama’s boys carry it to the extreme; they may cover a whole arm with a mama’s name or choose to have many mama tattoos etched all over his body. Seriously ladies, could you stand to look at that every night?


Runs to Mama

Whenever there is any sort of disparity between you, he will run to mama for comfort and advice. Mama’s boy will let you know in no uncertain terms what mama says to do. Drop him like a rock!


Mama Says...

Mama’s little man quotes mama frequently, at least once a day. Mama and her son giggle and whisper like two gossipy neighbors over the fence leaving you to wonder what the secrets are about.


Mama Calls

No matter what Sonny Boy is up to, mama calls him multiple times a day. She doesn’t care if he is working or on a date with you, she never hesitates to call and interfere.

Freud described it best when he declared that mama’s boys have not been allowed to grow up and they are still far too emotionally attached to mama to have a healthy relationship with another woman. How do you spot a Mama's Boy before it is too late?

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