19 Places to Buy Perfect Skinny Jeans ...


19 Places to Buy Perfect Skinny Jeans ...
19 Places to Buy Perfect Skinny Jeans ...

Skinny jeans have been THE fashion trend of the last couple of years and in the new fashion season the slim fit is going as strong as ever.

As the fashion seasons change, skinny jeans get only more and more popular, more versatile, and ... more tight! But with this amazing range of choices we have now, how do we know which store to go to to get that perfect pair of skinny jeans?

Fear not, ladies, this post will tell you where exactly most fashionistas** buy their perfect skinny jeans** and what to expect once you hit those skinny jeans racks.

Skinny Jeans Definition:

Skinny jeans, or slim fit, have a snug fit through the legs and end in a small leg opening that sometimes needs a zip. They are usually made of stretch denim, which allows a super slim fit. Skinny jeans can be worn by men and women.

A good pair of skinny jeans will slim the thighs, making you look thin while lifting and shaping the bum, and can be worn by anyone. Some pairs even come with a reinforced front, so that they will flatten the stomach. If you are not sure this is the right fit for you, check out these 5 Steps to Buying Perfect Jeans.

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3.1 Phillip Lim Skinny Jeans

Phillip Lim,text,font,logo,line art, Although the recent collections are viewable on 31philliplim.com, there are not as many pairs of jeans in the new range as there used to be. The Summer range is still available, however, and features a number of well designed and stylish pairs of skinny jeans, in neutral colours.


18th Amendment Skinny Jeans

denim,clothing,bag,fashion accessory,leather, Available through my-wardrobe.com, 18th amendment sell a range of fabulous skinny jeans. Most styles are available in dark blue, light blue, very blue and black, and some even come in white. The jeans can be expensive, but are very well made, and when a new season is released the older seasons are put on sale.


Acne Skinny Jeans

Acne Studios,clothing,font,design,pattern, Acne is a very fashion forward brand, whose current range (shop.acnestudios.com) feature skinny jeans that are different from any other. This is mainly due to the detail and design of each different pair. Acne have experimented with dyes, creases and colours, and the result is some of the most stunning skinnies I've ever seen.


Cheap Monday Skinny Jeans

Tempelhof International Airport,fashion,photo shoot,gentleman, If your male, definitely check out Cheap Monday, as they offer skinny jeans for men too. Their range has become famous in women's magazines, with classic designs and cuts.


Diesel Skinny Jeans

text,font,brand,screenshot,presentation, Diesel are still one of the best places to buy jeans from, offering several unique and stylish designs in each collection. Very well made, and also very flattering, if you can afford to get diesel it's definitely worthwhile. Diesel.com shows most of the range.


DVb Skinny Jeans

David Beckham,text,font,logo,product, Another brilliant brand, although these size very small and tend to only look good on people with an almost flat stomach. The designs all feature the dVb logo, and are available at revolveclothing.com, or my-wardrobe.com. However, I'd recommend trying these on before you buy.


H&M Skinny Jeans

Lanvin,product,furniture,brand,design, If you are on a budget, check out hm.com. These jeans are up to the minute stylish, and usually very comfortable, but they don't last as long as some other brands. They come in the usual variety of colours, but also come in bright red and green for more daring people.


J Brand Skinny Jeans

clothing,product,outerwear,footwear,design, Jbrandjeans.com haven't really built a name for themselves yet, but with skinnies like these, they certainly will! The jeans can be made in any wash available on the website, which includes blacksmith, which is a 'natural wear' dark coloured denim, or pacific, dark rinsed denim with deep indigo hues.


Top Shop Skinny Jeans

clothing,font,sleeve,brand,design, Top Shop jeans are always well made, these have the extra benefit of being designed by someone who knows what she wants in her jeans, a.k.a., the fashion icon Kate Moss. And their skinny jeans are marketed as being very comfortable and ultra stylish. Check out the Top Shop website to see the collection.


Lee Skinny Jeans

Wrangler,text,product,website,document, Another designer make, Lee.com, have made their take on the jeans obvious by using different cuts and colours than expected. While the range isn't as big, the 'shattered cobalt' bright blue jeans are gorgeous and have featured on several style pages. The website also gives a brilliant view of each pair of jeans.


Alexander Mcqueen Skinny Jeans

Alexander Mcqueen has created a completely new look with their skinnies. Faded washes and skinny legs are a perfect combination for a retro style, and the jeans fit brilliantly and look gorgeous. The style tends to flatter most figures too, although the price tag might not! Most styles are available at my-wardrobe.com.


New Look Skinny Jeans

New Look offers the best value for money and style jeans for people on a budget. Their Shimmy range is brilliant, and the jeans cost 20 pounds a pair. Available in three leg lengths, and with regular or low cuts, there should be a pair for everyone. They can be ordered online from www.newlook.com.uk, or most shops carry the range.


Sass & Bide Skinny Jeans

advertising,product,design,brand,pattern, Available at bluefly.com, Sass and Bide skinnies are very skinny, and very sexy. With a low cut top and very tight legs, the jeans flatter the buttocks and usually have a unique feature, such as a red, white and blue flag piece. The jeans can be expensive, but this Australian brand is miles ahead in the style stakes.


Siwy Skinny Jeans

image,brand,design,presentation,learning, Siwy have taken traditional skinny denims and added modern shapes, so that their jeans highlight a woman's curves, concentrating on find tailoring and details. Most pairs feature a quilted pocket to lift and shape the behind, and the back hem is lifted to prevent them being ruined. The designs are very unique, with ripped leg and white and black splodge paint, but this comes at a cost! Check them out at blueheavenboutique.com.


Stella McCartney Skinny Jeans

Original skinny jeans with detailed back pockets, these are simple yet stylish. The jeans are well made, and the sizes are quite accurate, although they are worth trying on.


Superfine Skinny Jeans

clothing,dress,fashion,footwear,brand, There's nothing extra special about these skinny jeans, but they do look good and the mid-rise waistline is flattering for most figures. The jeans are a little longer than most, so will be better worn with high heels, and are priced reasonably for designer jeans. Some pairs are available at chickdowntown.com.


Thomas Wylde Skinny Jeans

Thomas Wylde jeans are notoriously hard to track down online, although thomeaswylde.com offers a store list. As a rule, the jeans are very comfortable, but need trying on as the different waist heights and leg lengths can make buying online very hard work.


True Religion Skinny Jeans

True Religion,building,machine,screenshot,slot machine, Saving one of the best until last, truereligionbrandjeans.com allows you to see the entire range of sexy True Religion skinnies. Available in white, black and blue, with or without dye effects, the jeans are very flattering and definitely worth the investment if you can afford it. They last a long time, and don't cost too much, compared to some other designer brands.


Abercrombie & Fitch Skinny Jeans and Jeggings

black and white,image,monochrome photography,monochrome,brand, Now, I must confess, the first time I tried on A&F Jeggings (in dark blue), I fell in love. Ever since, I forgot all about my J Brand skinny pair along with the black skinnies from Juicy Couture I got last spring. Abercrombie & Fitch do carry usual denim slim fit, which are basically - skinny jeans, but their A&F Jeggings (something between jeans and leggings) are by far the best skinnies I've worn.

They come in dark blue, dark brown, grey and black and, boy, don't they make your legs and butt look amazing! Next time you are in the mall, do try a pair of Abercrombie&Fitch jeggings on and your life will never be the same :) No kidding :) Oh, and the price is so good - it's $58, and if they are on sale, they'll cost you $40. Now, THAT I call a** perfect pair of skinny jeans**!

Do you have a favourite place to buy skinny jeans? Or have you bought a pair that you really loved or hated? Please feel free to post, I'd love to know your opinion...

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well i get my skinnies from hot topic, true religion and levis those seem the best too me but hot topics super skinny is too tight for me since im a guy.

nobody can affored this

Best Brand ever For sexi look Is Ivido Brand Jeans Push Up,! You will love it!

Express also has great skinny jeans for around 60 bucks :)

I can't believe you didn't mention Levi's - they have a nice selection of skinny jeans for both men and women.

i have bought a couple of A&F men's Jeans. And they arent like a skinny jean when i wear on. my size is 28-30. i dont know that if my legs are too skinny or not. but i see those skinny jeans look like straight leg jeans. compare to other skinny jeans that i have. OMG A&F jeans are way way bigger. i just don't know why. and now i'm confuse to buy skinny jeans online because i dont know if it's right or not.

You Forgot The Best Shop Ever.. RIVER ISLAND!! Im Not Sure If This Is Jus Ameican Based.. But Im Sure There Isnt Topshop In America! xox

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