19 Places to Buy Perfect Skinny Jeans ...

Skinny jeans have been THE fashion trend of the last couple of years and in the new fashion season the slim fit is going as strong as ever.

As the fashion seasons change, skinny jeans get only more and more popular, more versatile, and ... more tight! But with this amazing range of choices we have now, how do we know which store to go to to get that perfect pair of skinny jeans?

Fear not, ladies, this post will tell you where exactly most fashionistas** buy their perfect skinny jeans** and what to expect once you hit those skinny jeans racks.

Skinny Jeans Definition:

Skinny jeans, or slim fit, have a snug fit through the legs and end in a small leg opening that sometimes needs a zip. They are usually made of stretch denim, which allows a super slim fit. Skinny jeans can be worn by men and women.

A good pair of skinny jeans will slim the thighs, making you look thin while lifting and shaping the bum, and can be worn by anyone. Some pairs even come with a reinforced front, so that they will flatten the stomach. If you are not sure this is the right fit for you, check out these 5 Steps to Buying Perfect Jeans.

1. 3.1 Phillip Lim Skinny Jeans

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Although the recent collections are viewable on 31philliplim.com, there are not as many pairs of jeans in the new range as there used to be. The Summer range is still available, however, and features a number of well designed and stylish pairs of skinny jeans, in neutral colours.

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