7 Must-Have Boots ...


7 Must-Have Boots ...
7 Must-Have Boots ...

I like boots. I would wear a pair of boots over anything, so I am going to have fun writing this post for you. Below, I am going to give you the top 8 must have boots…

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Jeffrey Campbell Boots

Jeffrey Campbell Boots Price: $285.00 at singer22.com
I like these boots, because they are not low cut. They are black, but they are available in three different colors. Jeffrey Campbell is well known for making boots, so why not have a pair?


Skechers Women's Shape-Ups Pull over Fur Lined Boot

Skechers Women's Shape-Ups Pull over Fur Lined Boot Price: $119.00 at dsw.com
These are cute, don’t you think? They are lined with fur and have that tough look to them. All at the same time, with these boots, you can get in shape, stay warm and look good! You do not have to sacrifice anything with these.


Emonia Red Plaid Lace-up Wedge Boots

Emonia Red Plaid Lace-up Wedge Boots Price: $24.98 at hottopic.com
I am a pretty big fan of plaid, even if I do not have much plaid in my closet. I think these boots would go great with a red plaid skirt. These boots tie up in the front, which gives a neat look to them.


Dekkori Caprice Midrise Boot in Ivory or Black

Dekkori Caprice Midrise Boot in Ivory or Black Price: $126.00 at pinkmascara.com
What do you think of these boots? At first, I would say they’re not a boot, they are more of a sandal. But then, at second glance, I see that they really are boots! With these, you will be taking footwear to a whole new level!


Roxy Yeti Boot

Roxy Yeti Boot Price: $31.20 at buckle.com
This is a faux fur boot that has a yarn tie and enamel Roxy heart. I think they are cute. I’m not sure what I would wear them with though. Somehow, I think my dog would take a liking to them.


Ankle-wrap Wedge Boot

Ankle-wrap Wedge Boot Price: $149.00 at victoriassecret.com
I am a pretty big fan of the wedge shoes, so the wedge boots are great! When you first look at these boots, what do you think? They look just like wedge sandals, but they are boots!


The Lubbock Boo

The Lubbock Boo Price: $121.00 at karmaloop.com
If you want a sexy pair of boots, then you should try these out! These are one of my favorite pair of boots. These are suede and go up over the knees. I like the buckle and lacing details at the top of them. What do you think about them?

If you are like me and you really like boots, then this blog post is for you. I have listed 8 fabulous boots that you can wear. To those who like uggs, I’m sorry if you were looking for some on here. I’m not a big fan of uggs. Which ones do you like the most? Which ones do you least like?

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The link to #5 doesn't work anymore. I checked Hot Topic, and they don't have them anymore. Dang. I really need them for my 2P!Nyo!Russia cosplay...

5 and 3 are a horrible no no. but the others look awesome :)

I have to say that the #1 above the knee high wedge boots takes the cake! Love the suede finish!

I would have to say that the majority of these are not must-have boots at all, with the exception of the Jeffrey Campbell boots, and maybe nuumber 1. Most of them are nowhere near being on trend. Number 5 are hideous, and under no means would they look good (or should they be worn) with a red plaid skirt. Who said matching your boots to your skirt was a good idea? Plaid is good on shirts.

5 was hideous but I like 3 and loved 1

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