8 Steps to Sandal Happy, Sexy Feet ...

So it’s that time of year...you need to have gorgeous, sandal ready feet to finish off your summer outfits. After all, trainers and socks won’t go with cute Summer dresses and bikinis! It can be easier said than done, though, and pedicures can be surprisingly expensive in the lead up to Summer, as salons know a lot of women will need one. You can do it at home, though, and get excellent results. Here are my top eight steps...

1. Freshen Your Feet

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Photo Credit: Frau Haselmayer

Start by freshening your feet up. Remove any old nail varnish, and use a foot spa or bowl to soak your feet in warm water. Adding a vitamin, such as A, E or D, or use a foot soak. I love Avon’s Double Action Foot Soak, which always leaves my feet feeling refreshed! Keep your feet in it for at least five minutes, but less than ten.

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