8 Steps to Sandal Happy Sexy Feet ...


8 Steps to Sandal Happy Sexy Feet ...
8 Steps to Sandal Happy Sexy Feet ...

So it’s that time of year...you need to have gorgeous, sandal ready feet to finish off your summer outfits. After all, trainers and socks won’t go with cute Summer dresses and bikinis! It can be easier said than done, though, and pedicures can be surprisingly expensive in the lead up to Summer, as salons know a lot of women will need one. You can do it at home, though, and get excellent results. Here are my top eight steps...

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Freshen Your Feet

Freshen Your Feet Photo Credit: Frau Haselmayer

Start by freshening your feet up. Remove any old nail varnish, and use a foot spa or bowl to soak your feet in warm water. Adding a vitamin, such as A, E or D, or use a foot soak. I love Avon’s Double Action Foot Soak, which always leaves my feet feeling refreshed! Keep your feet in it for at least five minutes, but less than ten.


Clip Your Nails

Clip Your Nails Photo Credit: mackstange

Now it’s time to sort out your nails. I find they clip a lot easier after I’ve soaked my feet, but good nail clippers will make it a fast and painless process anyway. You should try to do this throughout the year, but I always forget during the Winter! Make sure you don’t catch any skin, either, as this is really, really painful!



File! Photo Credit: ♡♥ÄŞĦĿŸŋŋ♥♡

Now it’s time to file your nails. I prefer to use a file like these, rather than a metal one, and stay away from nail razors which are very dangerous if you get it wrong. Having four toes is not a sexy Summer look! File in one direction, on the top and at the sides, to make a smooth nail. It gives your feet a much nicer look!


Remove Hard Skin

Remove Hard Skin Photo Credit: mil_eniale

Use a foot file to remove hard skin from the feet, focusing on the underside. Any calluses should be treated with cream, and gently filed. Keep feeling your feet to check they are getting smoother, and be careful not to overfile, as this can cause redness and irritation which makes walking really, really painful. And again, stay away from foot razors. Ouch!


Boost Your Circulation

Boost Your Circulation Photo Credit: CJinMD

Using a good foot cream, massage feet for at least a minute, to boost circulation. I love The Body Shop Peppermint Foot Cream, but anything with peppermint in seems to be great for feet...it’ll make them look healthy and radiant, and keep them smelling divine. Just make sure you let it dry before you walk around, or you’ll get sticky feet. Yuck.


Fix Your Cuticles

Fix Your Cuticles Photo Credit: FabyTS

Your cuticles are a focus point on your nails, so look after them. I’ve got a cuticle kit which contains everything I need to keep them looking good, and I use it once a week to make sure I never get caught out! Cuticle care pens are the easiest way to keep them looking good, but Orly Cuticle Therapy Cream has never failed me either.


Clean Them up

Clean Them up Photo Credit: C-Wex

Use a towel to dry any additional moisture off your feet. This includes moisturizer that hasn’t been absorbed, and cuticle cream. Make sure they are nice and dry, as wet feet harbour infection. Then, use an antifungal spray to protect them from any infections or germs which they might come across. I’ve used one for years, and I’ve never had athletes foot or anything icky!


Dress Them up!

Dress Them up! Photo Credit: Bond Girly

The finishing touch is nail varnish. Use toe separators, which makes painting them much easier, and pick a colour that will go with most of your outfits, or something subtle. Use a base coat, and two coats of your colour, and finish with a top coat. Make sure each coat has fully dried before applying the next, and let them dry before walking around! Smudging it could mean you have to start all over again. Fix any mistakes with a varnish corrector pen.

I’ve got gorgeous feet since I started this regime! It only takes me about twenty minutes now, and I do it at least every fortnight to keep my feet feeling pampered and looking great. It’s a small price to pay for amazing feet! Have you got a tip for keeping feet looking tip-top? Please let me know!

Top Photo Credit: Princess Cy

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The new Sally Hansen nail polishes are good. No need for individual base coat, nail color, and top coat since it's 3-in-1. :)

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