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8 Advantages of Flat Shoes over Heels ...

By Alison

There’s no denying that shoes with high heels look fabulous. They’re elegant, sexy, stylish, and finish a smart outfit off beautifully. However, looks aren’t everything! I’ve long been a devotee of flats for several reasons. Here are some of the advantages that flat shoes have.

1 Practical

Flats may not be sexy (although there are some pretty gorgeous pairs), but by God they’re practical! You can do anything while wearing them. Heels aren’t really much use for playing with the kids, doing sports or doing a job when you’re on your feet all day.

2 Comfortable

I’ve always preferred being comfortable, and can’t stand shoes that don’t fit well or are difficult to walk in. My shoe wardrobe consists largely of trainers, flat boots, and shoes with little or no heel, and heels are kept for special occasions.

3 Going the Distance

I like walking about the city, so flat shoes are much more suitable and mean that I don’t get sore feet. Anyone whose job involves covering a lot of ground will prefer flats for the same reason. You don’t see your mailman in heels, do you? (although that might be a rather strange sight if he is a mailMAN and not a mailWOMAN)

4 Low Risk

In most situations, flat shoes are a lot safer (the exception being in snow or rain, when even flats need to have a good grip for safety’s sake). You won’t get your heel caught in grilles, lose your balance or trip while running for the bus.

5 Reality

By my late teens, I realised that I was not going to be tall and that heels would not make any difference to that fact. So I gave up wearing them. Even now, I generally stick to flats and just wear heels on rare occasions. I’m 5’3’’, and 4’’ heels are just going to make me look like a person of 5’3’’ wearing 4’’ heels, not like someone of 5’7’’.

6 Health

Unless you have a serious foot or ankle problem, wearing high heels on occasions will not do you any harm. However, it’s wise to alternate between heels and flats. Heels throw your balance off centre, make you walk in an unnatural manner, and can cause back problems. So give them a rest, and wear flats as well.

7 Safety

I always found it easier to drive in flats, and I imagine that the same holds true for most women. Remember that the women on TV who get out of the driver’s seat in 4’’ stilettos weren’t actually driving! Plus, if you walk home late at night, and you run into any problems, flats make it much easier to get away from the situation.

8 Right Look

Some outfits just demand a flat shoe to accompany them. Anything sporty, for example, would look ridiculous with a heel, as do casual outfits like jeans (unless sufficiently long and worn with a boot).

What do you think of heels v flats? Would you wear heels all the time if you could, or are you devoted to your trainers? What about Paris Hilton wearing stilettos while doing community service?

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