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5 Things You Need to Have Fun at the Beach...

By Meream

Table of contents:

  1. heart-shaped sunnies
  2. funky beach towel
  3. yellow mellow bathing suit
  4. cover-up cutie
  5. sunscreen (of course!)

1 Heart-Shaped Sunnies

I don't know where Emily got hers but by golly, it looks adorable. I gather there are many stores that sell them. One with white frames will be extra fun.

2 Funky Beach Towel

This yellow number for the Harlem Designer Collection of Target is absolute fun. I'm sure it will be a real conversational piece.

3 Yellow Mellow Bathing Suit

This is a delicious combination of yellow and navy blue. Too nautical for you? Could be but if you see the photo, you'll fall in love with it. How cute is the halter neckline?

4 Cover-up Cutie

The second cover-up (striped gray) has my name all over it. I like something casual but cute. Which one of these items will you be wearing to the beach?

5 Sunscreen (of Course!)

But getting just any sunscreen should be a big no-no if you are of the eco-friendly persuasion. Check out the link to find out what your natural or all-organic option is.

Top Photo Credit: Emily

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