8 Things to Never Forget to Carry on a Trip ...


8 Things to Never Forget to Carry on a Trip ...
8 Things to Never Forget to Carry on a Trip ...

Going on a trip is exciting, even if it is only for a very short one. However, when you find you've forgotten something important or that you suddenly need something you don't have, it can be frustrating. I've listed 8 things to never forget to carry on a trip, just in case you are making a list of what to pack for your next adventure.

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Calling Card

Calling Card Photo Credit: Pingo Prepaid Phone Card Pictures

I've had many times when I've been traveling and come to a place where my cell phone didn't work as well as I hoped it would. I try to always have at least 30 minutes worth of call time available on a calling card in my wallet or in the car. This enables me to contact loved ones from anywhere I can find a phone, instead of relying on my cell phone. If you have a calling card, make sure you are able to access the phone numbers in your cell phone or have them written down somewhere.



Snacks Photo Credit: Sifu Renka

Maybe it's because I have kids, but I always make sure to have snacks on hand. It doesn't matter how long of a trip I'm going on. There is always at least one box of granola bars in the car. Trail mix makes an excellent snack. Most people can find at least a couple of things they like to eat from the mix. Peanut butter and crackers or cheese and crackers are also perfect for traveling. They come in individually wrapped packages that make them much easier to travel with.



Camera Photo Credit: The Suss-Man (now in Albany, GA)

Have you ever packed for a trip and realized you didn't pack the camera? How else are you going to document your travels? Be sure to pack extra batteries, if your camera runs on them. Some digital cameras have to be charged, so be sure to take the proper cords with you. My grandmother swears by those single use cameras. They now come with a flash, so she doesn't see any reason to not have at least two or three of these on hand for all her trips.


Address Book

Address Book Photo Credit: paint floats

I love sending postcards to friends and family. I do have a hard time trying to commit every address to memory, so I rely heavily on my address book. If I don't take this along with me, then no one gets a postcard until I return. You can also write down important addresses in a smaller book that works better for traveling. There are quite a few tiny address books made today that have tabs for finding specific addresses easier. I always write down phone numbers in this book too, just in case my cell phone dies or gets damaged on my trip.


Cell Phone Charger

Cell Phone Charger Photo Credit: isn24

I take the wall charger, the cord for charging my cell phone in the car, and an instant charger too. This latter tool is handy for charging up my cell phone to get at least an extra 30 minutes of call time out of it. They are usually battery operated and plug right into the section on the cell phone where the wall or car charger would attach. Instant chargers fit right into your pocket or glove compartment too.


Extra Cash

Extra Cash Photo Credit: IronRodArt - Royce is in & out this week

Most places accept debit or charge card, but it never hurts to take along some extra. I've been to some smaller specialty restaurants that only accept cash. Also, if you end up needing something in an area that seems kind of sketchy, then you might not want to give out your credit or debit card. Paying in cash is one way to protect yourself from being a victim of identity theft.


Handy Wipes

Handy Wipes Photo Credit: hamgrazer

I've used these to wipe faces and hands, clean up spills in the car, wipe the windows after the dog snotted on them, and even to clean off the dashboard gauges after traveling down a dirt road. They have probably a 101 uses. These are perfect if you are out camping and need a quick bath too. I usually buy a large container and have it on hand for any trip. If it seems like the wipes are drying out a bit, I add a little bit of water to them and they return to normal.


Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper Photo Credit: Stanley C.

There have been a couple of times that I needed toilet paper in the past and was so glad that I carried an extra roll with me. You just never know when you'll need it. I always make sure to put it in a zip lock bag too. The roll is completely useless if it gets wet. I usually take the largest type of roll possible, so that I make sure to have plenty of toilet paper.

If you happen to come across something on my list of 8 things to never forget to carry on a trip that you found to be useful, feel free to share them with your friends. Is there something you always make sure to pack for every trip? How did it become such an important part of your travel list?

Top Photo Credit: Modern Printed Matter

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make sure about pen and paper and some medicines along with photocopies of identity cards.

this is great, i'm going on a vacation in a couple of weeks this couldn't have come in a more perfect time :) thank you

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