8 Tips for Every Backpacker ...


8 Tips for Every Backpacker ...
8 Tips for Every Backpacker ...

Adventuring off on a backpacking trip can be both exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. In order to try and reduce the terrifying aspect I have compiled a list of 8 top tips that every backpacker should take into consideration.

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Pack Flip Flops or Another Form of Waterproof Footwear

Pack Flip Flops or Another Form of Waterproof Footwear Photo Credit: Yee Chieng

The thought of stepping barefooted into a public shower, where all sorts of people have been, really terrifies me. No one should have to experience this, so bring something that you can wear on your feet whilst showering.


Only Carry Necessities

Only Carry Necessities Photo Credit: Werner Schnell (1.stream)

Pack as light as you can afford to do so. Only take things that you know you will absolutely need, this will make it a lot easier on you in the long run. I know how I feel carrying having bags short distance, I would not like to lug around a heavy backpack for hours at a time.


Set a Minimal Cash Limit

Set a Minimal Cash Limit Photo Credit: s4ints

What this means do not carry too much money around on you, the last thing that you want is to be robbed or to lose it. At least with debit or credit cards the thief does not have instant access and you will probably have enough time to cancel all cards before use.


Remember to Take out Travel Insurance

Remember to Take out Travel Insurance Photo Credit: r0b0r0b

This is extremely important because you do not want to end up getting caught out. Without this if you were involved in an accident you would have to pay all of the medical bills from your own pocket. Depending on the type of accident, this could work out to be a lot of money.


Buy a Sturdy Backpack That Will Last for a Long Time

There are many shops set up specifically for backpackers, therefore finding this item should not be difficult. Research a little into the top backpack designers and you should find one that is perfect for you.


Female Travelers Bring Perfume or Body Spray

Female Travelers Bring Perfume or Body Spray Photo Credit: kurzkeks

Now I say female but this can apply to any lone traveler. If you end up in a difficult situation having this item close to hand can be particularly useful, spraying it in some ones face can provide you with enough time to escape.


If Traveling Alone Set up a Safety System

If Traveling Alone Set up a Safety System Photo Credit: sean dreilinger

It is not always feasible to find someone to go off on a trip with. Make sure that someone back home knows your itinerary, if anything changes inform them. Arrange regular check-in points, where if they do not hear from you by a certain time they contact the local authorities.


Try to Find a Travel Buddy

Try to Find a Travel Buddy Photo Credit: Wintersun24/7

Safety is most important when traveling into unfamiliar territory. Always try to find someone that is interested in going traveling with you but at the same time someone who is happy to do their own thing as well.

This is my top 8 tips list that every backpacker should at least take into consideration before their trip. Many of these suggestions may have reaffirmed your own ideas but it is likely that there is at least one that you would have never though of.

Top Photo Credit: Al_HikesAZ

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