5 Things to Cover Your Head with...

1. from Topshop

How cute is Mademoiselle Robot wearing this floppy Topshop hat? Add the faux-fur scarf and the look is just completely wonderful.

2. from Jessica Simpson

Here is another floppy hat to add to your collection. This reminds me that I don't have a floppy hat. I wonder where I can get one with braided details, too...

3. from EBay

This black bowler hat that Asia is wearing looks like something that an 18th century detective used to wear, doesn't it? That, of course, makes the hat an even bigger closet must-have.

4. from Forever21

I am not from a cold country so I've never really had to use a faux-fur hat. But it does not mean that I don't dream about rocking one! I wonder if our local Forever21 carries this faux-fur beauty.

5. from the Men's Section

College Candy gives us great tips on how to start collecting hats. I like the idea about shopping in the men's section. Paired with my usual short dresses and skirts, a masculine hat will surely look cute.

Hats are big this season and we're sure you have read posts lately about these head-covers. So tell us, what types of hat do you have in your closet? Any plans on buying more?

Top Photo Credit: Karen