7 Adorable Floppy Hats ...

Stylish, fun, useful and totally adorable, floppy hats are a must-have! They can make an everyday outfit look wow and they can make your beach attire look glam but one thing is for sure – they will prevent that pretty little head of yours from overheating and minimize the negative effect sunrays have on your hair and skin. Yup, adorable floppy hats are the way to go and these 7 right here are just too cute to be left out…

1. Natural Straw Bow Front Floppy Hat

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Price: $65.00 at us.topshop.com
Posh, glam, refined- I’d say these three words describe this hat perfectly but, just in case you could use more details, I might decide to throw in and “elegant”, “expensive-looking”, “upscale” and “trendy”. So, if your style can be described as “classy”, you need not to look any further as this is the hat for you.

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