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5 Floral Items to Have...

By Meream

1 Clogs

You may still be undecided about how clogs fit into your wardrobe but you have to admit that this Jeffrey Campbell beauty cannot be ignored. The print is cute!

2 Shorts

Again, these may not be your cup of tea. But there are many ways to include them in cute outfits. Forget about the other crazy stuff you'll find when you click on the link; focus on the floral shorts.

3 Necklace

Now a floral necklace is a must. I confess that I probably have three and they are of different styles and colors. If you want to start a collection, check out this link.

4 Mini Dress

The last dress posted on that link is just a total sweetheart. I wonder if there is a version with a white background. Won't it be cuter?

5 Skirt

Again, this is something I have too many of. I've made some; I've bought some. I have a couple that were given to me as well. How about you? How many floral skirts do you own?

Top Photo Image: Bead Fancy Jewelry

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