12 Coolest Cut-out Shoes for This Summer ...


12 Coolest Cut-out Shoes for This Summer ...
12 Coolest Cut-out Shoes for This Summer ...

I am such a huge fan of cut-out shoes and boots, and I was so happy to see this sexy shoe trend last through this Summer well to the Fall-Winter of 2010!

Take a look at these fabulous designer pairs and see which of these high heels with sensuous cut-out details would make your heart skip a bit!

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Alexandra Neel - Cleopatra Suede High-heel Sandal with Fringe Detail ...

img.allw.mn Neel - Cleopatra suede high-heel sandal with fringe detail.jpg


Alexandra Neel - Oedipe Strappy Python sandal ...

img.allw.mn Neel - Oedipe strappy python sandal.jpg


Alexandra Neel - Raquel Patent Leather Sandal ...

img.allw.mn Neel - Raquel patent leather sandal.jpg


Anna Sui - Laser-cut Leather Sandal with Ankle Cuff ...

img.allw.mn Sui - Laser-cut leather sandal with ankle cuff.jpg



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Oh, I am so glad you guys like this shoe trend! To Caitlin: I absolutely agree, this #1 with the fringe must look absolutely sexy! To Maria: I am too in love with Christian Louboutin shoes! His red soles get sexier and sexier every season, the man is a genius! To Kata: I think #7 is really amazing - the colors are are so sweet and beautiful, it almost looks like a candy! :) Thank you for your comments Ladies, I'll make sure I bring you more fab shoe updates this week! :)

I`m a big fan of Christian Louboutin items, so a vote up.

I can't wait! I have been checking eBay and other online stores for wedges for months now.

high heels, i love them

Love number 8. SO beautiful. :)

I love Nr. 6 , 7 , 8...just have to have them in my shoegardrobe ;)

I love number one, I think the shoe would look so sexy on!!

Been scrolling up and down this post many times now and I realized that I can only walk in number 4. High heels are just too scary!

Dear Meream, You are right, high heels are not easy to walk in. Thank God platform shoes and wedges are also huge this season! I'll soon make a post on both of these trends and I am sure you'll find all those shoes not only fabulous, but pretty walkable! :) Thank you for reading! :)

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