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5 Nautical Style Treasures to Bring Some Spring to Your Steps...

By Meream

1 Nautical-Inspired Dresses - for under $50 Each

Dana does it again. This time, she got uscheap and fun dresses to get us ready for spring. I got my eye on the third dress.

2 Dear Creatures Collection

These nautical dresses are cute, too! I'm looking at the pointed collars and ballet flats and thinking of ways to incorporate the styles into my daily look. FUN.

3 Kristin Cavallari on a Budget

She's been photographed many times with this Alexander Wang Coco handbag. It could be her favorite. But focus on the top to get that casual nautical look.

4 Your Versatile Nautical Top

Courtesy of Forever21, of course. Take this out as spring approaches for some roaring good time. Even if you're not anywhere near a beach, your top can still evoke some spring-styled fun.

5 How about a Whole Wardrobe of Nautical Pieces?

Well, we don't really recommend that but we will not blame you if you do once you check out the pieces posted over at College Candy.

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