5 Great DIY Projects to Bring Spring to Your Home ...


5 Great DIY Projects to Bring Spring to Your Home ...
5 Great DIY Projects to Bring Spring to Your Home ...

I love DIY. There is no other way to show ingenuity and inspiration than doing a project on your own. May it be simple of grand, making things with your own hands will bring you nothing but pride. And one amazing thing about those in DIY are their generosity. They share ideas and inspire others. The following are latest DIY projects that have inspired me to welcome spring.

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Terrariums by Madaline Sparks

Terrariums by Madaline Sparks This tutorial is very informative and very easy to follow. It's great that the writer did not only mention the tools needed but also provided explanation on what each tool is for. She took the tutorial one step further by showing us how to make more than one kind of terrarium. The tips on setting up the terrarium, choosing the right materials and plants, and making your terrarium pretty are amazing. I will definitely make one very soon.

Photo by ex.libris


Objet D’Art by Kate Pruitt

This is a fun tutorial. What's great about this is that it makes use of trash. The instructions are clear and the list of materials to use is surely helpful. If you continue reading the comments, you will find other helpful tips from the readers. To make this project more spring-appropriate, you can use green, pink, yellow, or other cheerful paints.


Paper Garland by Lisa Fu

What says spring better than flowers? If you are planning to have a party (wedding, birthday, intimate dinner, etc) soon, you can easily liven up your venue with these paper garlands. This tutorial is awesome because it has a list of materials and the steps are properly explained. The steps are also supplemented with clear and artistic photos. Even if you don't read the instructions, the photos are enough to show you what to do.


Flowers in a Popcorn Box by Rebecca Oehlers

The finished item of this tutorial looks absolutely adorable. The photo quality is great. I can just imagine it being part of a magazine spread. The tutorial, however, leaves a lot to be desired. There is no list of materials. The steps are not properly written. In all my DIY experience, I have come to realize that tutorials only work if you have a list of materials and you write the procedures step by step. But the free template for the popcorn box is great. I assume that the blogger did not really intend this post to be a proper tutorial. In a way, it is great because you can go with your own style if you create your own version.


Bunny Wreath by Elizabeth Magee

This bunny wreath is very cute. It will help you celebrate Easter AND spring. I love the pictures that go along with the steps. The story behind the tutorial is great, too. Of course, it does not hurt that the tutorial is written in a light and cheerful manner.

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Hi Lily! These are great finds...I love the flower garland and the bunny wreath...and how neat are those little objects dipped in paint...what a creative idea! I think Im going to have to do the wreath one...I was just saying how I need a Spring Wreath!! And she has a frog one on there too..I LOVE FROGS! LOL I love scrapbooking so I dont need another excuse to go to AC Moore...but I think I found one! Welcome to AllWomenStalk Lily...you have great posts!

Hi Diana Feather! Thanks for the warm welcome. :) The frog wreath is super cute, I agree. Happy crafting!

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