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Fun Shoes for Summer Soccer Slip-ons ...

By Jonathon

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Vans, after becoming popular when skateboarding went mainstream in the mid-90s, refuse to go out of style. This latest incarnation is a fun way for any fashion-forward dude to look cool this summer.

The range of soccer-inspired footwear currently comes in the national colors of countries famous for being World Cup contenders (Mexico, Sweden and Portugal are featured in the photo), but should be expanded by the time the shoes are officially released in June.

Bright, eccentric shoes -- when done right -- are always a great addition to any outfit, especially during the more carefree summer months.

A note of caution: especially if you live in US, or -- even worse -- are an American traveling abroad, choosing a pair decorated in red, white and blue will make you look silly. Namely, because the US is bad at soccer, and everyone knows it. The idea is to make yourself looked sophisticated, even though you're wearing something loud and attention-grabbing. So do a little research, find a color scheme you like from a country that's made it to the quarterfinals in one of the last two World Cups, and you'll be fine.
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