Pretty Heels for Summer


Pretty Heels for Summer
Pretty Heels for Summer

In an ideal world, the sun wouldn’t give me skin cancer, and I would be tan and skinny and roam along the beach all day long with the sand keeping my feet soft and smooth. Aaaah, doesn’t that sound delightful?

Alas, thats not my reality - what’s a girl to do when the summer is rapidly approaching and she has “winter feet?” Well, there are all sort of great products out there to moisturize, but nothing works better to get your feet in “summer shape” than a physical method of dry skin removal.

There are plenty of different paddles, scrapers and blades on the market that get the job done (and some get it done well), but they can take a toll on you by stabbing you - (if this has ever happened to you, you will understand), scraping your knuckles (ouch!), cutting you (!!) and just generally, if you have a big job to do like I usually do, it wears you out. Enter the Artemis Woman Heel Smoother:

This battery operated gadget is ergonomically designed to fit your hand and help you reach your heels without having to resort to contortioning (is that a word? lol). Two tips are included to start you off - one is a dome shaped tip that will do the bulk of the work, and the other one is smaller and pointed to get to any more detailed and/or sensitive areas you might need to get to. These tips are made of a very hard aluminum oxide crystal, and are porous, like a pumice stone, but much, much harder (read: longer lasting). This makes pretty short work of getting your feet ready for sandals or to go naked. My best piece of advice when using this, or any other callous remover, is to use it just after your shower or bath. Your dead skin is plumped up with water and just sitting there waiting to jump off your foot, all it needs is just a little coaxing. This does work on dry feet as well, and has enough power to get the job done, but it will be a longer job. The Artemis Woman Heel Smoother retails for $29.99, and includes a 1 oz jar of their Topaz Foot Butter - a rich foot cream perfect for after your smoothing treatment, or anytime. Check out the Artemis Woman web site for more information on the smoother, the topaz butter and all the other nifty gem therapy tools and products they carry. Plus they donate 2% of profits to women’s cancer causes. Great stuff.

Let me know if you’ve tried this - or if you have a great heel solution, let me know that too. Remember, we are Commenting for a Cure here at eBeautyDaily from now through tomorrow night - let me hear from you!

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i love all of your shoes but if you dont mind if i tagg a cuple of your shoes though that will be nice dont you i thank yall for posting my shoes on your website thank you so much....

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