6 Beauty Effects of Drinking More Water ...

Everybody knows that drinking water helps to keep your body healthy, but did you know that is also keeps you beautiful?

1. Bright Clear Eyes ...

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Your eyes will be white, clear and sparkly, which will instantly make you look younger and happier!

2. A Radiant Complexion ...

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I always find that the day after I've drank a lot of water, my skin is radiant and gorgeous. It works much better, and faster, then even the best moisturizers!

3. Better Circulation ...

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While its not something you’d necessarily relate to beauty, good circulation prevents wrinkles and makes veins less visible, giving your skin a much healthier, natural look.

4. Skin Hydration ...

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Water hydrates skin from the inside out, meaning it can help to soothe and cure excema, dry skin, spots etc. I find that drinking a glass of water before i go to bed prevents my skin getting dry.

5. Water Improves Concentration ...

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Meaning that your more likely to stay active and alert, so your sleep will be better quality and your skin will benefit from this. My routine is to drink a glass with breakfast, and a glass at lunchtime, to make sure i stay hydrated.

6. Keeps Your Insides Healthy ...

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Water also keeps your heart ticking, keeps your bowels regular and fights infection, meaning that it also looks after your insides. If your healthy inside, your much more likely to look healthy, too.

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So now that you know the benefits of water, why not try adding it to your routine? Personally, I can't stand the taste, but adding a slice of lemon or some strawberry makes it delicious, and it's so good for you!

Do you have a way to make** drinking water **more interesting? Please tell me about it!

Photo Credit: Kenvin Pinardy

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