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7 Reasons Why Cookies Are Good for You ...

By Alison

We’re always being told to eat a healthy diet, but I don’t think it’s fair to demonize cookies. There are many reasons why they’re actually good for us …


Some have chocolate in. Chocolate makes you feel good. Therefore cookies are good. QED.

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Deprivation is depressing. Who wants to be depressed? So don’t deprive yourself, indulge in a cookie instead.

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There’s something so funny about dropping crumbs all over yourself.

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It’s so simple baking cookies, and a pleasure to eat them warm from the oven.


There’s an infinite variety of recipes. Why not try some from Joy of Baking?


If you eat a cookie, you are absorbing the calories that someone else would have consumed. So you are doing a good thing and should feel positive about yourself.

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Sharing a plate of cookies with a friend while watching TV or a film is a simple pleasure.

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What are your favourite cookies? Do you think that it’s better to enjoy yourself, or follow a healthy eating plan?

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