5 Sassy Summer Strapless Staples...


5 Sassy Summer Strapless Staples...
5 Sassy Summer Strapless Staples...

Erika found us a wonderful alternative to the strapless floral Rebecca Taylor dress. While the cheaper dress may not have the fun bottom, I actually think it's sexier.

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Red Carpet Beauty

Do like Samantha Jones and choose a simple and long strapless gown. You may not stand out but you will look ravishing.


Twisted and Strapless

Feast your eyes on the orchid twist strapless swimsuit by Zimmerman. The color may be just a tad too loud for my taste but the design is fab!


Nothing like a strapless little black dress to tide you over many a fashion crisis. You're going out with your girl friends but cant decide what to wear? Strapless LBD to the rescue. First dinner date with a cute guy from English class? Wear your strapless LBD for extra fun. Business dinner? Grab a chic blazer to wear over your strapless LBD and you're set to go.


These strapless beauties by Victoria's Secret are more than perfect for any summer dressy adventure you might get into. The best part is the waist ruching --- so sexy!

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If you were just laying out I think you would be fine. Now, Wrestling in the pool is a different story. I wear a size D Bra. Just discovered a couple of days ago strapless clothes ARE NOT MY ENEMY! But, hey that's just me!

Nice selection of strapless dresses, but I would never trust a strapless bathing suit.

I absolutly LOVE the victiorias secret dress!

that strapless dress is so cute!!!!! vs here i come!

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