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5 Sassy Summer Strapless Staples...

By Meream

Table of contents:

  1. floral and cheap
  2. red carpet beauty
  3. twisted and strapless
  4. lbd gone littler
  5. little jewel-colored dress

1 Floral and Cheap

Erika found us a wonderful alternative to the strapless floral Rebecca Taylor dress. While the cheaper dress may not have the fun bottom, I actually think it's sexier.

2 Red Carpet Beauty

Do like Samantha Jones and choose a simple and long strapless gown. You may not stand out but you will look ravishing.

3 Twisted and Strapless

Feast your eyes on the orchid twist strapless swimsuit by Zimmerman. The color may be just a tad too loud for my taste but the design is fab!

4 LBD Gone Littler

Nothing like a strapless little black dress to tide you over many a fashion crisis. You're going out with your girl friends but cant decide what to wear? Strapless LBD to the rescue. First dinner date with a cute guy from English class? Wear your strapless LBD for extra fun. Business dinner? Grab a chic blazer to wear over your strapless LBD and you're set to go.

5 Little Jewel-Colored Dress

These strapless beauties by Victoria's Secret are more than perfect for any summer dressy adventure you might get into. The best part is the waist ruching --- so sexy!

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