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10 Two-Piece Revealing Swimsuits for Those Daring Women ...

By Melanie

I know many of you out there love wearing two-piece swimsuits, but really, how daring can you be? I have decided to come up with a blog on the top 10 two piece swimsuits for those daring women!

10 Love Shack Top

Love Shack TopPrice: $80.00 at
Daisy Duke came around looking for her swimsuit and this is where she went. This is a triangle top bikini that is ready for you to wear. It has pink gingham ruffle trim, which really is adorable. It ties in the back and neck.

9 Bendito Candy

Bendito CandyPrice: $185.00 at
This bikini really is sweet. It is a one shoulder bikini that has crocheted flower appliqu

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