7 Most Amazing Dresses from Chicstar.com ...

Have you ever flicked through your latest fashion mag only to conclude that you could design much cuter clothes yourself?

Then Chicstar.com is the place for you! It’s a unique site which allows fashion lovers to design and submit their own styles, which are then voted for. And once your design gets the most votes and goes into production you also get a $250 prize!

So, not only do you get to model your own “designed by me” wardrobe, you also get richer! And maybe even famous... What’s not to love?

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This is a really cute style, designed by Chicstar member Tina Kreider. Available in sexy red or classic black, the ruffles and plaid scream style, while the plain skirt keeps it tame enough for work or play. It also gives you your sexiest shape yet! Unbeatable.

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