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7 Pretty Dresses by Darling ...

By Jennifer

I’m a dress girl. No matter what the season or the weather, I love wearing them. They’re so versatile, and so feminine, I’d rather wear them instead of jeans any day. If you agree, keep reading! I’ve just discovered a new designer and I adore their dresses… here are 7 pretty dresses by English designer Darling.

Table of contents:

  1. be still my heart dress
  2. everyday extraordinary dress
  3. sprinkled with sweetness dress
  4. misty rose dress
  5. winter recital dress
  6. mystery guest dress
  7. act two, scene one dress

1 Be Still My Heart Dress

Price: $129.99 at
Take a basic, versatile LBD and add a lacy sequined skirt, waist-cinching sash, and what do you have? This stunning little party dress, ready to be worn with your favorite black heels (or dark green, to match the under-skirt) and a long-line statement necklace.

2 Everyday Extraordinary Dress

Price: $65.00 at
Make even the dullest workday a little more interesting, and a lot more stylish, with this 1980s-inspired sheathe dress. It’s done in a rich, deep blue, grey, and magenta floral print, with hint s of yellow to add a spark. Wear with a wide belt and grey heels, and add subtly patterned tights and a long cardi for cooler days.

3 Sprinkled with Sweetness Dress

Price: $109.99 at
This adorable dress comes two ways: cream with black spots, and navy with cream spots. Either way, the dress is beautiful, made for wearing on a warm spring day with red or green flats or heels and colorful tights or leggings. The contrast piping, princess seams, and full skirt ensure a flattering fit, and the uneven scattering of dots ensure compliments.

4 Misty Rose Dress

Price: $65.99 at
How could a dress this brand new look so vintage, so true to the original inspiration? It’s beautiful, from its subtly textured fabric to its lacy collar, and versatile, from its neutral pinkish color to its side slash pockets. Add tan or black shoes and a pair of button earrings, and you’re ready for a day of work or an evening out.

5 Winter Recital Dress

Price: $99.99 at
We girlie girls want to wear dresses in winter but it’s hard to find any that are warm enough. But yes, finally, a dress to wear in January! This one’s made of a heavy knit in deep navy, with a creamy white pattern and gorgeous lace ruffle down the front. The skirt is solid, so feel free to wear this dress with patterned tights and lady-like t-straps or tall boots.

6 Mystery Guest Dress

Price: $99.99 at
Looking for a party dress that you’re sure no-one else will wear? Then this may be the dress for you. It’s made of a gorgeous cobalt blue crinkle fabric, adorned all over with rows of lace in inky black. Pair with a long-line pendant necklace and black heels, and add patterned tights and a wrap if the weather calls for it.

7 Act Two, Scene One Dress

Price: $119.99 at
Dress rehearsal for the spring play has been dull the past couple of weeks, and no-one’s feeling vey inspired. Perhaps it’s the boring costumes, so you’ve decided to wear this dress to the play-house today. It’s frilly and frothy, yet elegant and pretty, with its pleated bodice, loose shape, and glittery neckline. It’s quite short, so be prepared to wear leggings or tights, and add a pair of gold shoes. Now everyone will be inspired, and the play is sure to be a hit.

Those are a few of the dresses I love by Darling, and I’m sure you’ll agree — this is a very talented designer! I adore that last dress, and the one with the polka-dots. Which of these dresses do you like best, and how would you accessorize it?

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