Extreme Orgasm 10 Facts You Should Know for an Epic Time in the Sheets ...

By Laura

Extreme Orgasm 10 Facts You Should Know for an Epic Time in the Sheets ...

I have some things about orgasm you should know. The female orgasm, a lot like the female mind, is a complicated phenomenon and yes, it is hard to understand. However, you should pay attention to 10 things about women orgasm that you should know…

1 Length of Time

Of course, those good things in life will always take time. Studies have shown that women can take anywhere from fifteen to forty minutes in order to reach orgasm. On the contrary, a man could reach orgasm after only two minutes of being stimulated.

2 Relax!

Relaxation is the main ingredient to having an orgasm as a female. So, if you are trying to reach that ultimate feeling, just relax. Do not think about how stressful your day was or what you have to do the next day as this could only delay it.

3 Multiple Orgasms

For women, it is possible to have two to three orgasms at once. It may be a road that is long to travel, but once you get there, you can make that journey well worth it.

4 Extreme Orgasms

There are two types of multiple orgasms for women. The sequential orgasm is the one you have the most control over. This is where orgasms can be separated in two to three minute intervals. In order to have one of these, continue to be caressed and kissed after you climax the first time. Leave the genital region alone during this time so that the clitoris will have time to desensitize. After the breathing has slowed down a bit, start playing with the clitoris again. It may only be a couple of seconds before you have another orgasm.

5 Type of Orgasm

You have two spots. Women are able to reach orgasm after clitoral stimulation, or they can reach climax through the internal g-spot stimulation.

6 Toys

Technology is on our side. There are many gadgets that will target both areas at one time, which will increase the chance or having a major orgasm. There is the rabbit vibrator, which is a top seller. It stimulates both zones at one time. That’s one of the things about orgasm you should know.

7 Tongue

That tongue is mightier than you may think. Women have a tendency to be more stimulated by the tongue rather than the penis.

8 Fun Fact

Do you have big hiccups? Then have an orgasm! Having an orgasm can get rid of those hiccups. WoW!

9 G-SPot

Despite what you may think, the G spot really does exist. The G-Spot is a small region that inside the vagina. When stimulated, it could cause intense orgasms.

10 Some Women Can't Have Them

There are some women out there that are not able to have orgasms. A survey has shown forty percent of women in the United States have some type of problem with their sex lives and that causes Female Sexual Dysfunction.

Those are 10 things about having an extreme orgasm you should know. As I said, the orgasm for a woman is very complex. I also wrote a blog on how to fake an orgasm, which you may be interested in. Do you know of any other facts you’d like to share with us about an orgasm?

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Interesting post really...I should relax more :)

Immensly interesting points! I'll keep them in mind when in use ;) Regarding your first few line, it's true. Sometimes I think some men would have an orgasim even watching a chicken. In a minute they're all done ready to go, us instead are so slower! Intersting thinking about both gender differences!

niiiiice!! yeah.. a vaginal orgasm is something i'd like to accomplish whenever i do have sex with that special someone lol. oh and multiples would be nice.

this article is so helpful and thia is so right

you wrote a blog on how to fake an orgasm? that is sad

Sheila, Yeah! And I totally believe it!! From experiences :P

#1 is total B.S. - more credible studies show that women take four to ten minutes to orgasm.

OMG ladies never fake an orgasm! if it isn't doing the trick just say something! If you can't talk about it why are you doing it.

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