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7 Ways to Get What You Really Want in Bed ...

By Melanie

Is there something you would like to have in bed, yet you do not know how to go about getting it? I know, it can be a complicated world out there sometimes, but I would like to help you out by giving you 7 ways to get what you really want in bed

Table of contents:

  1. ask him what he wants in bed
  2. show him
  3. say “i’ll do “this” if you do “that”
  4. put your desires into a fantasy
  5. tell him how much you enjoy it
  6. don’t be embarrassed
  7. play a game

7 Ask Him What He Wants in Bed

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It would be a good idea to ask him what he wants in bed. When he tells you what he wants in bed, it’s your turn to tell him what you want in bed.

6 Show Him

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If there is something that you really want, then just show him exactly what you want. You need to get used to your partner.

5 Say “I’ll do “This” if You do “That”

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What is it that you want? What do you think he would like? Try the “I’ll (fill in the blank) if you (fill in the blank).” If he is kinky, he may take you up on your offer.

4 Put Your Desires into a Fantasy

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“Last night, I had a dream that you (fill in the blanks). Take it from there and see what your partner says about the so called fantasy you had last night in that dream.

3 Tell Him How Much You Enjoy It

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As time goes by, men will improve at sex. Let your partner know how much you love having sex with him. Tell him just how glorious he is in bed.

2 Don’t Be Embarrassed

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Of course, if you want to get what you want in bed, you cannot be embarrassed about it. In bed, you have to be wild. If you’re willing to do what he wants, then he will be willing to do what you want.

1 Play a Game

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I always like sexual games – they’re fun to play with a partner. Try playing a hot or cold game. When he gets close to what you want say “warm.” When he is far from what you want, say “cold.”

Those are 7 ways to get what you really want in bed. Do you think any of these techniques will work in your relationship? Do you have any ideas you would like to share?

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