7 Things That Could Be Killing Your Libido ...

By Melanie

When the sex drive starts to decrease in a relationship, you will start to think something is wrong with you. There are actually some things that can decrease your libido. Below, I am going to give you 7 things that could be killing your libido …

7 Work

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It’s not like you can quit your job, but work could be killing your libido. You are constantly thinking about work and everything you have to do. Your mind is occupied on your schedule and it’s hard to get in the mood there.

6 Kids

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Many couples say that there kids get in the way. I call them a form of birth control. Kids do take a lot of time and we knew this before we had them, right? Right. The kids aren’t to blame for this. No one is. It’ s just how things work. However, kids DO sleep – so, think about that one. I’m not a big one for letting others watch my kids, but if there’s someone you could trust with your life, then you could always have them babysit your children so you and your spouse can go on a date.

5 Medication

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Did you know that the medication you are taking could have an effect on your libido? There are many reports are antidepressants killing the sex drive. Do research and see if the type of medication you are taking is to blame.

4 Food

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Yes, we’ve heard of those aphrodisiacs such as champagne, oysters ad chocolate that can increase your sex drive. Can they really have an impact on what goes on in the bedroom? Research has showed that those who have chocolate daily have a greater desire for sex.

3 Technology

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Many bring their wireless devices to bed with them. What do you think this does to your libido? Bringing your cell phone, computer or any other device into your bed at night is no good for the sex drive.

2 Smoking

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Yes, smoking is bad for the health and it is also bad for the libido. Did you know that nicotine can decrease your sex drive? Well, now you know.

1 Depression

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Yes, depression can have a big impact on our sex life. When you are dealing with depression, do you feel like having sex? Probably not.

There you have 7 things that could be killing your libido. See, some of it is easy to solve. Do you know what has been killing your libido?

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