7 Ways to Recognize the Signs of Sexual Addiction ...


7 Ways to Recognize the Signs of Sexual Addiction ...
7 Ways to Recognize the Signs of Sexual Addiction ...

Sexual addiction is sad. It causes people to do bad things that I do not even feel like mentioning in this blog. Of course, sex is natural and there is nothing wrong with it. However, when you go to the extremes and it has become your little addiction, then that, my friend, is where you need to draw the line. While more men than women seem to have this sexual addiction, I am not going to pinpoint either sex. I am going to give you 7 ways to recognize the signs of sexual addition – below, you will find the signs of sexual addiction …

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When the individual engages in computersex and phone sex at all hours of the day, then this may be a sign that they have a sexual addiction and they can’t get a hold of it. They just can’t help but to talk to strangers over the computer and have “sex.”


Pornographic Material

When the individual frequently uses pornographic material either in a magazine or on the Internet, then they may have an addiction. I am talking about being obsessive over this stuff – it’s no good.


Excessive Masturbation

Sure, masturbation is good, but it shouldn’t be so good that you have to do it anywhere from ten to twenty times a day – yes, there are people out there that do it this many times in a given day and my friends, I think that would be an addict.


Multiple Sex Partners

If you have multiple sex partners, then you should be ashamed of yourself! You naughty person! Besides, this could also be a sign of sexual addiction. When you cheat on your partner or spouse over and over again, then it is really starting to get in the way.


Avoiding Emotional Involvement

In sexual relationships, an individual that is addicted to sex will try to avoid getting any emotional involvement. They will want to get away from the individual as soon as they are done with sex.


Exposure in Public

Wow, now, I am not talking about a nudist colony. I am talking about those people that are not afraid to expose themselves in public in front of a crowd. Those people who have no respect for people around them and will break out with packages at any given time of the day. Either they are crazy or just a sex addict that you should stay away from.


Criminal Activities

When sexual addition starts to get out of hand, the individual will start hiring prostitutes. They may start to do other criminal activities such as stalking, rape, child molestation (that’s SAD) and even incest. At some point, this crap needs to stop.

Those are 7 ways to recognize the signs of sexual addiction and I believe you should watch out for them. People who have these problems tend to let it get the best of them and will do things that they may later end up regretting. Do you know someone with this problem?

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Hmmmm....how can we help them?

'Sexual addiction' is such bull.

a lot of people are addicted to internet porn... They spend way too much time on that. I think they should realize that they are just wasting their time. They need help.

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