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7 Reasons Why Sex is Better after 50 ...

By Mishka

So, you’ve heard that sex after 50 sucks. Experts have predicted nothing but a dismal sex drive and decreasing hormones for women who’ve survived half a century. Hmmm...are you sure they are talking sense? After all, there are plenty of women in their 50s who are kicking up a wild storm and rediscovering their sexuality. What’s stopping you? If you need more persuasion, take a look at these top** Reasons Why Sex is Better After 50**...

1 No Worries of Unwanted Pregnancy

Let’s face it, half the fun of sex goes out of the window if you spend the days wondering whether you've made a mistake. And heaven forbid if your periods are delayed by a few days. It means countless hours spent on thinking about possible pregnancy and impending abortion. However, post menopause, you don’t have to worry about unwanted pregnancy. It is freedom like never before and the best time to enjoy guilt and worry free sex.

2 Fewer Interruptions

Women in their forties still have to look after their children, make school lunches, help do homework, etc. However, after 50, you will find your bedroom sessions being less interrupted by demands made by your children since they are more independent now and are probably having a good time somewhere else with their boyfriend/girlfriend.


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3 You Are Not the Clueless Babe Anymore

One of the reasons why sex is better after 50 is because older women know what they want and they know how to get it too. With age, you find yourself getting less inhibited and more aware of your own sexuality. You are more comfortable with who you are, instead of obsessing about who you would like to be. This form of self confidence goes a long way in improving sexual performance.

4 Willing to Communicate

Carrying forward from the earlier thought, women who are more comfortable with themselves are also more willing to experiment sexually. And I am not just talking about trying out different positions. Older women are able to communicate their desires to their partners better, thereby actively participating in achieving sexual gratification.

5 Your Desire for Sex May Increase

While a lot of experts claim that sexual urge dips in women over 50, that isn’t always true. There is proof that desire can resurge once you stop taking birth control pills. Besides, even if your sexual desire does go south, there are ways to fix that. I am not talking about traditional hormone replacement therapies that use progestin and estrogen to raise hormone levels. Such treatments are not recommended due to risks to the heart. You could inquire about hormone therapies that make use of testosterone, which are considered a safer option.

6 Financial & Professional Stability

Women in their 50s are no longer in the rat race for higher paying jobs or a position with perks. By now, you’ve achieved financial & professional stability, probably have a decent amount saved for retirement, and settled your mortgages. You are able to afford the tiny luxuries you’ve denied yourself so long such as sexy lingerie, romantic getaways, and cozy dinners. You can well imagine how that can be a reason why sex is better after 50.

7 Lower Stress Levels

Not to say that women in their 50s are stress-free, but with children grown up and independent, stability on the professional front and security on the financial side, you are less stressed than when you were in your twenties, thirties or forties. With fewer worries on your mind, your sexual desire is bound to go up.

I told you there are plenty of Reasons why Sex is better after 50! What are you going to do to re-ignite the spark?

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