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8 Sensual Ways to Pamper Yourself ...

By Jordin

Ways to pamper yourself don't always have to come with an expensive price tag and an entire day spent at the spa. Ways to pamper yourself can be no further than the comfort of your own home! If you're just coming home from a long day at work or if you feel a little stressed, or even if you just need to be reminded of how completely sexy you are, you can use one of these sensual ways to pamper yourself. And the best part? You can pull these out of the hat over and over again - I guarantee that every time you use one of these ways to pamper yourself you will feel as sensual as ever!

1 Lotion Potion

Here's one of the best and most sensual ways to pamper yourself: stick a bottle of your favorite lotion in the fridge to chill while you bathe or shower. When you get out, rub the lotion on your skin before heading to bed. The chilled lotion will soothe and relax your skin! Your skin is in for a real treat with this stuff!

2 Peppermint Pick-Me-up

One of the yummiest ways to indulge yourself involves peppermint oil-but just a little! Too much can be overwhelming! While in the shower, work a drop or two of peppermint oil into your hair after washing it. Every time you move your head, you and those around you, will catch a whiff of invigorating, stimulating, and sweet-smelling peppermint!


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3 Bathing Beauty

Who doesn't love a nice bubble bath? It's one of the most widely known ways to pamper yourself of all time! But here's a little trick to help you enjoy your bath even more: after settling into the tub, slide a sleeping mask or a de-puffing mask over your face. Eliminating one sense helps to heighten the others, so by not "seeing" your bath, you will "feel" it even better!

4 Caressing Candle

I absolutely love candles. My home is filled with them in every room! So how about a candle that you can use as lotion? The candle "wax" melts into a scented moisturizer that you can use on your whole body! What a sensual way for you to pamper yourself!

5 Good Morning Beautiful

Here's what I like to call one of THE most sensual ways of all to pamper yourself. How about waking up to a sexy scent to get you going for the day? Stash a bowl filled with citrus potpourri beside your bed. Bitter orange blossoms contain the oil neroli, one of the oldest and most enticing aphrodisiacs around! You'll be feeling sensual all morning long.

6 Sensual Silkiness

One of my favorite ways to pamper myself is by getting a wax. I hate shaving, so waxing is a great alternative. But the waxing isn't the pampering part. It's too painful! The sensual pampering part comes after you get home and slip on a pair of silk pajamas over your bare skin. Talk about amazing!

7 A Book in the Nook

There may be many sensual ways to pamper yourself, but I think reading a sexy, passionate, romance novel qualifies as one of the top picks! It's easy to relax and feel sensual in a laid back environment, so set up a little private corner with blankets, candles, pillows, cheery colors or whatever YOU find soothing and then kick back! Catch up on some sexy reads, you deserve it!

8 Sugar and Spice

Did you know that what you eat can affect your mood? So if you want to feel sensual, eat foods that encourage sensuality! One of the best ways to indulge yourself, right? Add a pinch or two of the spice saffron to your soups and burgers and casseroles. Saffron helps turn you on and heat things up, so go for it!

With these 8 sensual ways to pamper yourself, I'm sure you will be feeling super sexy in no time at all! I encourage you to try all of them at least once. You will be surprised at how these ways to pamper yourself will not only boost your mood, but boost your confidence as well! What other sensual ways to pamper yourself do you know? Please, share.

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