8 G-Rated Ways to Be Sexy


To coin a phrase, couples frequently need to find a way to bring sexy back into their relationships. Whether you're with someone new, whether you're dating, a newlywed, or if you've been married for years, sometimes the spark starts to dim a little. Daily routines make it harder and harder to keep things exciting. However, you don't have to indulge in a lot of PDAs to be sexy with your partner. In fact, here are 8 G-rated ways to be sexy that will bring back the spark in a flash!

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Sweat Together

Now, this one may sound dirty, but what it means is that you should be active with your partner. That doesn't necessarily mean working out together at a gym or taking a Pilates class together, either. Something as simple as going on a hike or a bike ride can be very exciting. You can go rollerblading together or anything like that, and it will be more than the ensuing release of endorphins that will make you both feel sexy!


Read Together

Reading together or, better yet, to one another is an excellent way to be intimate with one another – and you can do it in public! The options here are endless: you can read aloud from your favorite book, read passionate passages from a good romance, or read poetry to one another. This is a deeply intimate activity, and you'll be surprised at how sexy it can be.


Hold Hands

In this day and age, the little things often fall by the wayside. They don't seem as exciting. However, something as simple as hand holding can be very intimate and even arousing. The hands and fingers can be huge erogenous zones. Simply sliding your fingers back and forth between the spaces of your partner's fingers can really light a spark.


Play Footsie

Like holding hands, playing footsie underneath the table is an excellent way to flirt. It is both innocent and sexy – and, again, you can do it right out in public. You don't need to get raunchy with it, but the subtle gesture of running your toes along your partner's ankle can produce a whole lot of shivers.


Cook with Each Other

Cooking together creates a shared intimacy that can't be beaten. You're creating something together and spending time together. You can make aphrodisiac foods or a plain old dinner for two, and it will still be sexy. Plus, as you will see, food can be incredibly sensuous.


Eat Together

Once you've cooked together, you should always sit down and eat together as well. This is another activity that often gets forgotten or passed over. People get so busy, sometimes it's hard to even make time to sit down and eat with the person you love. However, a simple candlelit dinner, a moment to yourselves, enjoying delicious food together – this can be incredibly sexy, even if you don't feed one another!


Long, Lingering Looks

To quote Elvis Costello, “I'm giving you a longing look,” and you should do the same thing to your significant other. Your eyes can say so much. Your eyes can write passionate poems and love letters. Your eyes can telegraph your longing to your partner, they can tell your partner exactly what you want. Don't forget about those long, lingering looks.


Be Spontaneous

Spontaneity is the spice of life. Even if you have to schedule date nights and things like that, you can still make your activities spontaneous. The important thing is to keep surprising each other. If you can keep your partner on his or her toes and vice versa, well, sometimes that is the sexiest thing of all.

It's easy to be sexy and subtle at the same time. You don't have to leave everything hanging out for the whole world to see – and that subtlety can make it even steamier. What are some ways you keep your relationship spicy and exciting?

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