10 Tips on How to Experience Mind Blowing Quickies ...


10 Tips on How to Experience Mind Blowing Quickies ...
10 Tips on How to Experience Mind Blowing Quickies ...

Want to spice up your sex life, but haven't got the time? With working, seeing family and meeting friends, it can be a nightmare keeping your partner happy too...here's my top ten tips on how to have a mind blowing quickie, and keep everyone happy!

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Use Lube!

Saving time means skipping some of the foreplay, so make sure you've got some non oil-based lube nearby to keep things pain free!


Do Some Planning

While you might feel spontaneous is better, a little planning can go a long way. Make sure you are wearing a skirt, and if your feeling risky, how about adding crotchless panties? They are sure to drive him wild and save time!



While you might be in a hurry, there is no need to cut out all the romance. A long, passionate kiss is perfect for making sure everyone is in the right mood.


Feed His Ego...

Tell him you've been looking forward to seeing him, or exactly what you'd like to do to him...whatever you have to say, boosting his ego will make him eager to impress!


Forget Candles...

Part of the passion is the unplanned, unromantic environment, so forget candles and soft music, and think ad breaks and while the tea cooks instead!


Make Noise...

Show you are appreciating the effort by making some noise!


Think Positions...

Some people enjoy doggie, some love girl on top. Think about which way you, and him, get the most pleasure. Remember you are aiming for speed!



While you don't need to cuddle for hours, don't start ignoring him either. If you are both rushing out, make sure you share a kiss on the way out the door. If you're watching TV, put your arm around him.


Don't Make It a Habit...

While quickies are healthy, they shouldn't be your whole sex life. Take some time for slow, romantic sessions too or you might start feeling neglected.


Have Fun!

The quickie will be a success if it works for you, so do what feels good and go with the flow. It'll be worth it!!

So next time you've got five minutes to spare, you know exactly what to do, wherever you are! Just remember to have fun, and to practise safe sex. Babies really get in the way of a good sex life! Have you got a tip for an amazing quickie? Please share it with me!

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Lol "babies really get in the way of a good sex life". :D :D I love quickies. They're too much fun. And you don't even have to cuddle afterward. I hate cuddling and surprisingly all my exes have been cuddlers. I need my own space on the bed. :D

This post made me giggle! Won't it be nice to have a post about where to have the most "interesting" or hottest quickies? :D

Just a quick proofread, I noticed 10. Practice makes perfect...hey! it happens to all of us.

@shelia - I am guessing your ex's have been bit of emancipated women who been reading too many chick lit and watching chick flicks... :P ps: No offense really...

Ahh list corrupting my innocent mind! Just kidding. ;D Maybe it'll come in handy for me in the future though!

I love the cuddling part, before and after! :) Quickies are good when routine during the week is a very busy schedule, though I try to find time for my partner too!

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