10 Health Benefits of Sex ...


10 Health Benefits of Sex ...
10 Health Benefits of Sex ...

There’s health benefits of sex? For real? Are you kidding me? Wow, many of you are going to love to hear just how beneficial sex can be! I have found 10 benefits without having to look so deep. I have decided to give you those 10 benefits of having sex, because well, as many of you may already know, I like sharing things with everyone and am very open…

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Boosting the Immune System

When you are in the mood, I bet you never thought that it would boost that immune system up! See, with good sex, there is great benefits. Having sex two times a week higher the levels of immunoglobulin A or IgA and that can protect you from infections and colds.


Healthy Weight

Hey, did you know that good sex helps you maintain a healthy weight? It’s true, you are actually burning calories during sex. Oh, what a fun workout!


Sex Relieves Stress

With all of the health benefits of sex, it does not surprise me one bit to find that it relieves stress. The next time you are stressed, just get in the mood!


Sex Improves Cardiovascular Health

Amongst the health benefits of sex, you may be surprised to learn that it improves your cardiovascular health.


Sex Boosts That Self-Esteem

It has been proven that sex boosts that self-esteem level. Is your self-esteem level down a bit today? Then have sex and boost it up!

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It Improves Intimacy

Having orgasms raises the levels of the hormone known as oxytocin, which is also referred to as being the love hormone and it helps us build trust and bond.


Sex Reduces the Pain

When the endorphins and oxtocin increases, the pain declines. If you have a headache or arthritis pain, then the symptoms could improve after you had sex.


It Reduces Risk of Prostate Cancer

When you frequently ejaculate, especially for men in their 20’s, you may be reducing the risk of prostate cancer later down the road.


It Strengthens the Pelvic Floor Muscles

Wow, if you want to have stronger pelvic floor muscles, just have sex. For the women, during sex, doing exercises known as Kegals offers some benefits. You will not only have more pleasure, but you will also be strengthening the area and minimizing the list of incontinence later on in your life. As a side note, for a basic Kegel exercise, all you have to do is tighten the muscles of your pelvic floor as you are trying to stop the flow of urine.


Blood Pressure

When you have sex, there are so many benefits! The last one I am going to tell you is the fact that it helps your blood pressure level.

Of course, this may want to make you run right out and have sex with just anyone, but then you would be risking something. However, if you have a partner in your life right now, I bet he would be happy with you and I know your body will be benefiting. Did you know that sex was so beneficial? Health benefits of sex…who would have ever guessed?

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Its okay.. thanks for the info and feedback

this is pretty interesting topic and we are agree with you.

Hi, there nice post. I just like to ask if do you accept a blog roll?? thanks and have a nice day..

Sheila, LOL! I Agree :P

Am not sure abt the weight part either. I mean if tat was true I should be looking like King Leonidas instead of the Nutty professor. :-/ And isn't sex being awesome a health benefit? jus asking...

what about masterbation is this included. i dont have sex for some good reasons 1. picky about partners, not in a shallow way i just want a good trusting guy who isnt a scrub 2. dont have a boyfriend 3. STDS

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