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8 Ways How Not to Let Your Work Life Affect Your Sex Life ...

By Melanie

So many people are deprived from sex. Why? Because their work life gets in the way of it. Sex is a must in a relationship, did you know that? When you’re married, a healthy relationship will always include sex. Below, I am going to give you 8 ways how not to let your work life affect your sex life…

8 Set Some Time Aside for You and Your Partner

Set Some Time Aside for You and Your Partner Photo Credit: Leo Reynolds

You should set some time aside for you and your partner. This is the time the two of you will have fun together. You will go to the zoo, watch a movie, play games together or do whatever you need. Then, maybe those other things will come naturally.

7 Go on Dates

Go on Dates Photo Credit:

It is important that you go on dates. To make it even more romantic, go on dates during the night time. Go to a fancy place to eat and then have the dessert at home!

6 Take a Mini Vacation

Take a Mini Vacation Photo Credit: mmlim

Perhaps the two of you need a mini vacation. If you do not work during the weekend, then two days is all you need. However, if you do work, then schedule a couple of days off and go on a vacation. Vacations always seem to equal sex.

5 Go Stay in a Hotel

I know, this may sound strange, having to stay in a hotel to have sex, but hey, if this is what it takes to get away from work, then do it. Like me, I live at work…seriously, because I have my own business – Content Writers Revenue.

4 Don’t Bring Work Home with You

Don’t Bring Work Home with You Photo Credit: Stefan Didak

If you do not work at home, then you should not bring your work home with you all the time. Leave work at work, where it belongs. Chances are, you are not getting paid for doing the work at home, save it for when you’re getting paid.

3 Turn off Your Phone

Turn off Your Phone Photo Credit: miriness

Unless you are a doctor, you can turn that phone off. You do not have to always answer it. Let it go to your voice mail and have a fun night. It is not going to harm anything if you turn that phone off.

2 Turn off Your Computer

Turn off Your Computer Photo Credit: kmevans

If you work on the computer and you are like me, you feel like you always have to answer e-mails that come in at that very second, then turn the computer off. Your problem is solved then. You do not have to worry about e-mails. Enjoy yourself!

1 Schedule It if You Have to

Schedule It if You Have to Photo Credit: army.arch

If you have to, then schedule it! I know, this sounds weird, but really, some people do this! Say, every Friday night or something like that. Does that sound strange to you? I never go for scheduled sex either, but a friend gave me that advice.

There you have 8 ways not to let your work get in your way of sex. Whether they work for you or not, I’m not sure, but they sound legit to me. A friend helped me come up with some of these tips. Which one is your favorite? Which one do you think would be the best?

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