7 Tips on Controlling Premature Ejaculation ...


7 Tips on Controlling Premature Ejaculation ...
7 Tips on Controlling Premature Ejaculation ...

Premature ejaculation is no fun and for a guy, it can be embarrassing. This can make them not want to have sex. Don’t let premature ejaculation get in the way of sex. Get a hold of yourself and read these 7 tips on controlling premature ejaculation.

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Tend to It before You Have Intercourse

Tend to It before You Have Intercourse Photo Credit: David Cemin

This may sound strange but tending to it before you have intercourse works. Before you have intercourse simply masturbate. The second time around will last much longer.



Relax Photo Credit: Maciek Lesniak

Did you know that some guys have premature ejaculation because they have performance anxiety? Therefore, relaxing would be the best thing to do. If you are a guy who has performance anxiety, then try relaxing. Don’t think about it.


Wear a Condom

When you wear a condom, you will not be so sensitive. This covers up the sensitive spot. Sometimes, simply wearing a rubber will help you last longer in bed.


Mess around before Intercourse

Mess around before Intercourse Photo Credit: MAZZALIARMADI.IT

It is said that if you finish before the girl, then you have premature ejaculation. Therefore, mess around before intercourse. Stimulate her and get her ready before you have intercourse.


Desensitizing Creams

I have never had any experience with these as everything is fine in my alley, however, you may want to try desensitizing creams. It says that these creams help to get rid of the sensitivity, therefore, they will help a man last longer. Perhaps you should try those out.


Premature Ejaculation Exercises

Yes, there are premature ejaculation exercises. Just go to Google and type in “premature ejaculation exercises” and see what you come across. There is no fee or kits you have to purchase. You can do these on your own or with a partner.


Avoid Alcohol and Other Drugs

Avoid Alcohol and Other Drugs Photo Credit: Ya Ya

You want to feel things, right? You want to be in control, correct? Then don’t do alcohol or other drugs. Many who use alcohol and drugs have premature ejaculation, so wouldn’t it make sense to avoid alcohol and drugs?

There you have 7 tips on controlling premature ejaculation. Once you start controlling it, you will have a better sex life. So, have you overcome this problem?

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the whole masterbating before and then going for it second time round soooo doesnt work for us, he goes soft pretty w=quickly after and it takes about 20 mins before he gets hard again so we keep clothed for a while and then have some intense kissing etc then go for it x

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