10 Sexiest Outfits for the Office


10 Sexiest Outfits for the Office
10 Sexiest Outfits for the Office

Gone are the days when women in the corporate world are restricted to wearing drab suits in unfeminine styles and colors.

Today, you can be as sophisticated, stylish and sexy as you can be in an office environment.

Check out our list of the top 10 sexiest office outfits and take your power suit to the next level!

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Ruffled Tweed Strapless Dress

What I love most about this tweed strapless dress from Bebe is that during the daytime, you can slip on an office jacket and use it for work.

At night, however, you will be instantly transformed into the life of the party by simply removing your cover-up – the result is fabulously sexy!


Italian Birdseye Linen Jacket

You can easily mix and match this Italian Birdseye linen jacket with either a pair of pants or a sleek, pencil skirt. What I love about this jacket is the **contrast of colors **– it's a breath of fresh air from the usual, plain-colored tops that most women wear to work.


Italian Topstitched Twill Vest

Be young, hip and professional looking all at the same time when you wear this ultra-chic Italian topstitched twill vest from Bebe. It's especially suitable for one of those stifling hot days in summer.


This Italian topstitched twill vest from Bebe is a great way to stay cool and look professional during the hot summer months. It features a classic design with a slim fit and topstitching detail, making it a timeless and stylish piece that can be dressed up or down. The lightweight fabric is breathable and comfortable, perfect for those days when you need to look your best without feeling too hot. This vest is sure to make a statement at the office, and is sure to turn heads.


Italian Topstitched Overall Shorts

Who said that you should never wear shorts to work? This great pair of Italian topstitched overall shorts is suitable enough in a **business casual office **environment.

There are many ways to dress up or dress down this outfit – the top is detachable so that you can wear the shorts on its own. Or, you can layer by wearing it with a sexy top.


Window Plaid Pencil Halter Dress

You definitely have no excuse to not be t**rendy in the office**. This fall, plaids **are making a grand comeback – so you'll look like an **off-the-runway model **with this window plaid pencil **halter dress from Bebe!

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Stretch Cross Stitch Short Sleeve Dress

This is definitely my personal favorite from our list. I just love the casual-yet-formal feel of this stretch cross stitch short sleeve dress. You can probably wear it without the belt – or use another brightly colored, slim belt for contrast.

That layered ruffle skirt **is also **ultra-feminine and oh-so-fun to wear to work!


Pinstripe Plaid Ruffle Pencil Dress

This is a sleeker, more sophisticated version of our entry at number 5. Show as little or as much cleavage as you have with the plunging V neckline – it goes the same in the back. Wear it with or without a jacket – and accessorize to your heart's delight – have fun!


Stretch Cross Stitch Belted Vest

You can wear this stretch cross stitch belted vest with either a demure pencil skirt or stretch pants. You'll definitely be the center of attention in the office when you wear these!


Ruffled Tweed Collar Blazer

This is another personal favorite of mine. When you open the blazer, there's a collared vest inside which is also super-chic. Don't you just love the fashionable **way that the collar folds in a zigzag pattern down the chest and ends with ruffles? Talk about a **power suit!


Ruffled Tweed Pencil Skirt

Get rid of the** plain and boring** office skirts in your wardrobe and replace them with this ruffled tweed pencil skirt from Bebe. It has a high-waisted cut, there's a leather piping accent and the folded back pleats have a leather and lace trim.

Straight up sexy **and uber-feminine, this skirt is something that every **corporate superwoman should have in her closet!

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The vests are the only pieces in this set that would be acceptable in any office I have worked in (with a nice shirt or blouse underneath, of course). I am all for looking trendy and fashionable in the office, but these pieces are not practical for the average workplace.


sexy,slim, brown skin, talk and curious.

late comment. reading those other comments from, i suppose office workers, i think the problem doesn't lie with them, but rather with the tradition that offices have placed, being that women should always look professional first and foremost. i like these choices from Bebe though. adds more spice to clothes, and at least it can make the wearer feel fashionable even at office. also provides more options for mix-n-match.

You all sound so funny.... the only reason sexy isn't considered acceptable is because somewhere women were told they can't be smart and beautiful and sexy and good. I dress sexy ALL THE TIME! I don't care what people say and it's entirely office appropriate. Fashion week: all nods to feminism and being beautiful and feminine and well dressed. Get over the hump! be a pretty and intelligent and successful woman in a nice suit! or pecil skirt or what ever the hell you want to wear!! I love all of these.. except that horrid crop vest with low rise pants.... that needs a killer sheer blouse...

Holy cats and dogs batman, if I showed up to work wearing shorts I'd lose my job on the spot!

Where do you get these outfits from? Love them :)

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