12 Most Fab Swimwear Picks ...

With summer being over, I just couldn't help the thought that THIS might actually be the smartest time to buy a great new bathing suit. Just think about it - you still have your out of town weekends, possible business trips to places where they actually have pools and possible trip to some islands closer to Christmas time. Plus, you always have the next summer. So, why not to play it smart and get that designer bikini with no hurry and pressure and at a sweet reduced price one can actually afford?

Here are the 12 swimwear pieces I've been eyeing lately. I am considering getting that flirty Ondademar two piece number (#2). And you, which of these you like best?

12. Frillikini by Pistol Panties

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This is one of those itty bitty bikinis that you cannot turn down. If you would like to be the spotlight of the day, then this would definitely be the right choice. It fits comfortable and we are sure any girl would love to wear it.

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