12 Most Fab Swimwear Picks ...


12 Most Fab Swimwear Picks ...
12 Most Fab Swimwear Picks ...

With summer being over, I just couldn't help the thought that THIS might actually be the smartest time to buy a great new bathing suit. Just think about it - you still have your out of town weekends, possible business trips to places where they actually have pools and possible trip to some islands closer to Christmas time. Plus, you always have the next summer. So, why not to play it smart and get that designer bikini with no hurry and pressure and at a sweet reduced price one can actually afford?

Here are the 12 swimwear pieces I've been eyeing lately. I am considering getting that flirty Ondademar two piece number (#2). And you, which of these you like best?

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Frillikini by Pistol Panties

White, Clothing, Beauty, Model, Skin, PistolPanties.com

This is one of those itty bitty bikinis that you cannot turn down. If you would like to be the spotlight of the day, then this would definitely be the right choice. It fits comfortable and we are sure any girl would love to wear it.


Betty by Pistol Panties

Lingerie, Bikini, Clothing, Brassiere, Undergarment, PistolPanties.com

If you enjoy wearing cute little poka dots, then this would definitely be your top choice. This one is not as revealing as the Frillikini, so for those girls that would like to have a little extra coverage, this would be the top choice. It has a unique shorts style that we know you will enjoy.


Calvin Klein Halter Bead-embellished Swimsuit

Clothing, One-piece swimsuit, Leotard, Swimwear, Black, ****
I know you want to look hot. Come on, every girl desires to look hot in their swimwear and that is why I pointed you towards this one. Calvin Klein really does seem to know what they are making when it comes to this one. For those of you that would like some waterside glamour, this is definitely a match.


Calvin Klein Push up Swimsuit

Brassiere, Undergarment, Lingerie, Clothing, Undergarment, Net-a-Porter.com

This push up swimsuit really is something to be proud of. For all of you bathing belles, Calvin Klein really knows what you want. Add some bangles on your arm, maybe even a cowboy hat and some sandals and you will be on your way to the water. I like this suit, not because it’s made by Calvin Klein, but how good it looks.


Diane Von Furstenberg Ring Halter Neck Bikini

Swimwear, Clothing, Monokini, One-piece swimsuit, Bikini, Net-a-Porter.com

If you are the type of girl next door that likes to stand out, then this swimsuit will definitely do the deed for you. When you finish it off with some colorful accessories, you will be sure to turn heads…I know I sure did.


La Perla Kaitling Beaded Swimsuit

Clothing, Fashion model, Shoulder, Model, Beauty, Net-a-Porter.com

I like this….I don’t know, maybe it’s something about the color or maybe it’s the style, but it does add something to the body. When you team it up with some cute accessories, it will be a perfect match.


Missoni Cappadocia Knitted Scalloped Bikini

Clothing, Swimwear, Bikini, Swimsuit bottom, Undergarment, Net-a-Porter.com

I know that summer time is almost over, but why not finish it off with a wonderful swimsuit? I know this price tag is very expensive, but it really is glamorous, to say the least. It is a multicolored printed knit triangle bikini that is a must have, especially if you love Missoni. Or I'd wait a couple more weeks and see if it's marked for sale... You never know!


Melissa Odabash Monaco Cutout Swinmsuit

Clothing, Swimwear, Bikini, Fashion model, Summer, Net-a-Porter.com

Would you like to add a touch of glamour as you are swimming or laying out in the sunshine? Of course you would and that is why I have included this swimsuit as number ten. This is a one piece that is designed by Melissa Odabash. It is perfect for that pool side party that you plan on going to at the end of summer.


Shay Todd Handkerchief Cutout Swimsuit

Clothing, Undergarment, Lingerie, Briefs, Pink, Net-a-Porter.com

This is a purple handkerchief cutout swimsuit that adds that glamorous sex appeal to your silhouette. When you team it up with some bangles or some wedges, you are going to look absolutely stunning.


Missoni Leaf-print Halterneck Swimsuit

Fashion model, Clothing, One-piece swimsuit, Model, Beauty, Net-a-Porter.com

I like this swimsuit, because it adds sensational style. When you wear this leaf print, you are going to look good. It is a one-piece, but it’s still great. When you wear shades, bangles and some fashionable wedges, you will be styling.


Indian Journey Two Piece

Undergarment, Palm tree, Plant, Bikini, Arecales, Ondademar.com

This is a good price, but that is not the only reason as to why we like it. This has black ruffle details and bottom ruffle details, which has really been proven to be cute. When you wear this, you will find that it is very comfortable.


Indian Journey Two Piece

Clothing, Bikini, Beauty, Lingerie, Undergarment, Ondademar.com

I know, when I first saw this, I thought that it looked like the bandeau top would slide down, but when my friend wore it, she didn’t seem to have any problems with it. It has medium coverage bottoms that come with it. Overall, I think this is a really cute swimsuit.
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